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From both a safety and a protective (of gun finish) stance, I prefer OWB holsters that cover the trigger, trigger guard, and muzzle - completely. Sure, it's a carry gun, so it's going to show holster wear, but I don't need my pistol's muzzle getting dinged-up or its front sight knocked around by things making unnecessary contact with the business end of the gun.

I carry in an ordered-to-taste OWB holster (with matching spare mag carrier) fashioned by Hopp Custom Leather. Having it made was a commitment that was (and still is) worth every Benjamin I paid, as I've had the set for years and it still looks new -- while inducing far less holster wear on my PPS than a kydex or polymer holster would.

The wait time kinda sucked (it always does with custom leather work), but good things come to those who wait, right? The cost was on par with other quality custom leather shops (I shopped around), so no big deal, there. When I spoke of commitment, it was less about cost and more about the fact that at this price point one obviously needs to stick to a particular carry gun instead of switching guns. (i.e. One probably needs to be sure one wants to carry a particular pistol reliably … for years … before going the custom holster route.)


P.S. Back in 2010-2011, when my usual vocation required me to dress business casual all day, I carried using an IWB Crossbreed Supertuck. In 2012 my job changed such that I was able to dress around the gun … and often open carry ... so I went OWB for open carry deterrent value as well as for comfort. I do, however, use cover garments when going to population-dense areas, not because I feel the need to conceal, but because I respect LEOs enough to not have their time wasted responding to calls from anti-gunners or lay people who might dial 911 because they mistakenly perceive a holstered firearm as a threat. (Obviously I live in a place where open carry is permitted.)
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High Noon

I ordered a High Noon War Hammer Lite for my PPS gen 1. It's an OWB thumb break kydex holster, rides high and close, and is very secure.

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Originally Posted by goforbroke2 View Post
It’s always interesting to see what holsters everyone carries with, to give us some ideas. I’d never use that kind of holster for my ccw but I could see it being useful walking around in the woods or on a hike.
In the woods, try to have a holster with an strap on, you might walk into uneven terrain and take a fall, many years ago we were hunting in an full track vehicle going about 15-20 MPH in the Florida Everglades all the sudden we hit a tree stump the back of the vehicle went up in the air a good distance, I saw something black going by my head, it was one of the guys ridding in the back model 19, we look and look for about an hour and never found it.

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Nothing like bright orange for low key carry.
I'll stick to my Clinger thank you.
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