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wturri78 .22
New AIWB holster!

I got this JM Custom Kydex for AIWB carry. I love their stuff! This fits my RMS-C model but would of course fit any PPS M2.

I'm not a sales rep for this company, I'm just really impressed with their design and quality (and not so much their 4-week turnaround time, but it was worth the wait).

JM's subcompact holsters are longer than you'd expect -- basically built as though every gun had a 4" barrel. Makes a big difference for appendix carry, where shorter holster lengths can end up jabbing you in the pubic bone because they don't come down far enough -- or you have to adjust them to very deep concealment, and then it's harder to draw. The extra holster length gives you options.

There are 4 different ride height settings for the "Discreet Clips" that are shown here, and another 2 options if you attached the included wide plastic single clip to the holes at the top. The back of the holster has loop Velcro on it, and it comes with a neoprene wedge that can be attached to improve comfort at the AIWB position. The claw has two different thickness options (you can see the screw there) for more or less twisting of the gun into your body. I use the higher one since I'm carrying the 8 round mag. Last point is that there's only a very slight sweat guard behind the gun against your body. Usually you'd want a higher guard, but in appendix position, that high and sharp sweat guard becomes a knife blade in your gut when the gun is drawn, as I learned during a "shoot and move" class years ago when I had to draw and then drop to my knees behind cover

I think it bruised my liver...

This holster can be carried at other positions, but you'd need to use the plastic clip set up for about a 30 degree cant.

Anyways, for AIWB specifically, this is the best holster I've found and have one for my CZ P-07 too (it's with larger guns that the claw and wedge design features really help with concealment).

For all-around, multi-function carry, Vedder's Light Tuck is the best I've found. The clip is easily adjusted for cant, and I can wear it behind the hip or AIWB, it's just not as perfect for AIWB (and that has a lot to do with your height).
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ErichBaumer .22
Given the lack of replies over the months I think we AIWB fans are a minority here, but I'm also a huge fan of JM holsters. Found this thread while browsing the PPS section since I'm thinking about getting one, and JM offering holsters for it is definitely part of the reason.
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wturri78 .22
Amen! Still loving this holster almost six months later 🙂
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Jslow .22
I’ve got JM for a G19 and HKp2000sk. Love them. Just how crazy long the delivery time was (4 months for mine). I need to pick one up for my PPS M1 too. My other favorite AIWB holster is Lenwood’s Specter. It’s great!!
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ErichBaumer .22
I actually just got a PPS, and it came with both a Dark Star and a JM AIWB. Both are working well, though the Dark Star doesn't have the added extra length so it's not ideal for me. Works for now, but I'll be ordering a second JM for it at some point. The JM I have is velcro attached to a waistband setup I use for when I have to tuck my shirt in, the Dark Star is for around the house or other times I want a smaller, lighter gun - that's what I eventually need another JM for. Definitely the best holster option for these guns right now.
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