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I tried to like the Shield but it felt like I was holding a banana that was going to squirt up out of my hands when I shot it. So I ditched the thing and bought and love my PPS M2. The PPS M2 is just a good, solid handgun for me.
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Wormwraper gave a good answer and of course you nailed it well yourself in your first post especially on accessories.

I’ll throw in: American manufacturers are joined at the hip with their marketing and parts and manufacturing departments all right here in one location. I like CZ pistols too and find that having an American sales and marketing separated from the European manufacture can be a problem and they don’t necessarily deliver to the US market the same way.

I really got the PPSM1 one only because of the paddles. Americans for whatever reasons hate paddles. Yes, this is stupid because the long paddle that Walther uses is almost always a better system to get a truly ambidextrous and usable magazine release. however, we are a 1911 country and the button release on the 1911 was better than anything else that existed at the time. thus, the adoption of the button long before the Superior paddle showed up - so the button won.
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Let's not forget that in 2010, the PPS Classic was a rare, rare bird, as single-stack 9mm/.40 S&W firearms hadn't taken off, yet. Back then, the pistol was ~$700 in the USA (after tax) -- if you could find one. When I picked up my second one within 2 years (i.e. between 2010 and 2012) from a pawn shop, I felt like I had stolen it at the low, low price of $400 out the door.

i.e. Had the PPS Classic been cheaper from the get-go, it might have enjoyed the huge popularity the Shield did. Hell, S&W was importing the PPS Classics into the USA for a while (both of mine bear S&W import stamps) … and was handling their repairs. It's pretty clear where they got their ideas for the Shield...
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The PPS M2 is my EDC gun, and will be solely so because I think it is the best gun I have ever owned for EDC. I have owned pistols made by Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson including M&P, Beretta, Taurus, Glock, and Bersa. They went from full size to subcompact. I was initially surprised that the gun was not often mentioned anywhere. It had excellent reviews in print and by the top reviewers on You Tube. It had excellent comments on several gun forums that I visited.

When I learned that Walther was in the process of establishing a US facility, which I understand is now complete, I thought it might become a truning point for Walther US operations. A new website, catalog, updated guns and discontinuance of older models all say one thing to me. it is the beginning of a new and long term marketing campaign in the US.

My LGS sells more Shield 9m pistols the any other in is size range, but the tell me that PPS M2 sales are increasing noticeably, and they keep going up while Shield is dropping. Maybe that is a sign. I do not know. But I do know that after renting a Shield for 2 hours before I bout the Walther, I could not see why anyone would prefer a Shield unless they were fixated on ammo capacity, which I am not, having relied on a seven round M1911 for 2 years in Nam. Seven is OK with me.

So maybe their will be a noticeable increase in PPS M2 sales in the future, or maybe there will be a PPS M3 with a 10 round capacity. But for now, I am perfectly content with 7+1 especially because the quality of the gun is superb.
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I don’t have actual data, but from my personal observation, the shield is very popular especially with women. While I don’t think it’s a gal gun, it seems to be liked by them. Personally, I think women tend to follow what their friends too....but again, just my observation.

The PPS Is a bigger gun right? Maybe that’s an issue.

In recent months, the 365 has outsold everything we move by a vast margin. At one pint, 20% of all gun sales for us was a pps. That is extraordinary. We have hundreds of models.

Our 365 list was long but deliveries were frequent. As soon as things slowed a bit, the XL comes out. And now the SAS.
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Old 10-17-2019, 01:29 PM   #56
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Not to burst any bubbles here, but watch the P365 rise to stardom. IF the kinks are really worked out, and it looks positive, that gun with 10+1 at the same size as most with 6/7+1 and 12+1 almost as short with a 1" width, great trigger and excellent sights, it will eventually beat out the competition - and for good reason. The trigger MIGHT be too short and light for my carry tastes.

If someone would design a DA/SA gun with paddles and this size and capacity, it would be the PERFECT CC gun.
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Ky Gun Co has the Shield on sale for $200 presently. I bought mine there several years ago when they had them for $225. I would have bought a .45 that was the same price and intended to the next day....but, by then they had sold out and I've never seen that model on sale since. It is hard for a PPS to compete with those prices. I haven't had any trouble with mine. 1917
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Originally Posted by WaterDR View Post
The PPS Is a bigger gun right? Maybe thatís an issue.

Actually the two are almost identical. The PPS is .2" shorter while being .2" longer.....weight is virtually identical. The PPS also has one of the lowest bore axis measurements available which should be a selling point for anyone looking for a small frame edc.
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Good point.

Why people buy what they buy is of course a complicated topic. In a store, you are often dealing with the opinions of the person working behind the counter who is also being paid to sell a gun. Buyers are price sensitive too.

The Shield over the PPS is an easy sell.

It’s cheaper. It’s easier to say the name of the company. It’s easier to find holsters for it....chances are the LGS has them and not for the Walther. The sales person will also say “This gun is so popular with the ladies”.

These are all things that resonate with buyers.

Walther should make a funny commercial that’s all about how to say the company name. They don’t have a very good marketing position at all....little to no name recognition. New gun buyers really have no idea who they are other than the company that once made the James Bond gun.

But they make great stuff!
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I own a PPS 9mm Classic, & a Shield. I carry the Shield because if I had to use it, the evidence room would be it's new home for years. OTOH, a new Shield is now going for $219 with the S&W $50 rebate program. But what would be the replacement cost of a PPS Classic? GARY
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