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PPQ M2 45 with Pitted Barrel - Walthers Response: It shouldn't cause issues

Started suffering from accuracy issues and increased fouling. Started noticing I couldn't get the inside of the barrel clean. Finally looked closely and was able to determine it was clean, but that there was pitting throughout the barrel.

Spoke with customer service on phone and was told to send the barrel in for replacement. I was very relieved and just assumed it would all be handled and I'd be back out shooting my new 45 in no time. Just to be safe, I made sure to include blown up photos of the inside of the barrel inside the box just to ensure they looked closely and could see what I was referring to.

About a week later was told their gunsmith didn't see an issue but wanted the rest of the firearm for inspection. I mailed the remainder of the firearm as instructed. They had it for 2 more weeks and Returned with no changes and an invoice indicating it needed no repair.

Sent an additional email asking them to clarify how pitting inside the barrel wouldn't be considered a flaw and was given this response:

The gunsmith would have visually inspected the gun and it looks like we provided a target from an accuracy test when it was shipped back.
After reviewing the case, this looks like it should be okay.

I objected. I used a fairly simple analogy. If I purchase a new car and the paint falls of, it might still drive fine, but the paint fell off. I would expect the manufacturer to make it right. They then requested I send photos showing the pitting. I sent the photos.

Final response from Walther:
I just double checked with the master gunsmith here. This should not cause issues with the functionality of your handgun.

That was the entirety of the their response, copied and pasted directly here.

There you have it.

This is my first and last Walther. Only firearm I own that doesn't have a perfectly smooth clean bore. I really would have expected them to have just replaced the barrel and I'd be done and moved on. Apparently that's not how their customer service works.

I'm very disappointed and will most definitely never purchase another Walther of any kind.

This is my experience, YMMV.

Update 06/21/2016: Walther finally replaced the barrel. It's perfectly spotless inside and out. I just received it yesterday and haven't had a chance to try it out. But as far as internal appearance and finish goes, it's smooth and shiny and clean. Night and day difference between the original.

Another interesting thing to note. I posted on this forum about my loose fitting RSA. I had mentioned it to Walther, both in email and in the return documentation, to have them check it out while they had it. Mine would literally fall into place and fall out of place. It had zero resistance against the barrel. When removing the slide, the spring would just fall out. Had to be careful when stripping at the range to ensure it didn't fall to the ground. This obviously resulted in a fairly loose slide, but they indicated it was fine. I knew better, but it wasn't the major issue and I didn't push it.

With the new barrel, it fits tight and snug, as it should and as I would expect. You actually have to depress the spring a little to get it to fit into position, just like every other RSA I've ever dealt with. They aren't supposed to just fall in and out. Looks like the new barrel has resolved that issue as well.

Throughout this entire process Walther has actively avoided identifying and resolving issues. My personal opinion is that the Walther warranty is only as good as your ability to persist and persuade. I'm not even sure they would have done anything at all without the BBB getting involved. They completely shut down all communication with me until I opened the case against them.

I am very pleased with the outcome, but extremely disappointed in the time, hassle and effort required to get here.

Photo of the inside of the new barrel. I apologize for my inability to get great photos. Best camera I have is on my phone. I've not cleaned it. This is exactly as received. The "streaking" is just a little fouling from where it's been fired. Of course, I suspect many of you won't see the streak or be able to identify it. I can see it only because I have the mental reference of it from my personal inspection. Just pointing it out just in case anyone sees imperfections. Besides that, it's nice and smooth and pit/flake/orange peel free.

Please be aware I've read all your posts and do appreciate everyone's input, constructive and otherwise. I know some will be dissatisfied no matter what is said or done. All I can do is give you my honest opinion by stating that it is better than the previous and and I am satisfied with it as it stands.

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It probably won't cause any functionality issues and is probably just cosmetic. But apparently Walthurmex has no interest in keeping customers.
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I'd like to see these pictures. Please put them up so we can take a look.

If your barrel is in fact pitted, and that was in fact the response from Walther, then blast away. I suggest sharing this in every internet gun forum you can think of. There is no way I would find a pitted barrel on a brand new pistol, acceptable
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With the glare, it's hard to get a good photo, but I think this one shows it pretty well. All the stuff that looks like crud is little tiny pits and its inside and around the full length of the barrel. I suppose you could even call it flakes. From what I've researched, these appear to be plated so my guess is the plating is giving up.

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from this shot it looks like you have zero issues.

post up some more pics or try you local gun shop for a bore scope and get pics.
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I'd suggest taking it to a local gunsmith and seeing what he or she has to say.

If there is an issue there, that picture is not good enough to see it.
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I probably will take it to a gunsmith just to get more opinions. It is definitely hard to see in a photo, but looking inside the barrel it is very clear.

The good news is that Walther did acknowledge they saw it and said it "shouldn't cause an issue". Though that may be so, it certainly causes an issue with my satisfaction. I want it to be clean and shiny. Not pock marked and cruddy looking. All my firearms are stored spotless inside and out, and this one is going to drive me mad.

I love the rest of the gun, so as soon as an aftermarket barrel comes out, I can easily resolve the issue myself. Though I'd much prefer Walther just resolve it now.
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So as long as the gun goes bang and a bullet comes out the barrel, then that's OK? Unacceptable is correct.

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Sell it dude!

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Is it pitted or peeling? It's really hard to tell from the photo.
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