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Post PPQ 3.5lb trigger mod

I've had a few friends asking how they can mod their PPQ to have a 3.5lb trigger, so I've ordered a few springs and found one that gave me exactly that.

The spring's info is:
length: 0.75" (19mm)
outer diameter: 0.180" (4.57mm)
wire thickness: 0.020" (0.51mm)

Much more time was spent finding a place that would ship only one spring instead of 500.

I've made a spreadsheet showing all the options:
Retail outlets for purchasing springs

I bought my spring through here, but they had since raised shipping and added a minimum order requirement.
Link to Sodemann Springs

This mod can be performed in minutes with only the slide removed. For those who wish to see more pictures, I've also put together a small guide:

PPQ red dot mount for cheap - https://www.waltherforums.com/forum/p...ate-cheap.html

My trigger jobs and ammo tests - http://lanzerbot.wordpress.com/

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Nice thanks for sharing.
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Thanks Lanzer...I've got a few springs coming.
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Thanks! Ordering one now, and I don't even have my PPQ yet!
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Old 02-17-2016, 04:47 PM   #5
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Lanzer.....thank you, thank you, thank you. My springs came in today. I put one in my PPQ 5" with the Apex trigger. Holy sheet batman.... I am soooooooooooooooo happy. I put the trigger gauge on it and every pull was sub 3 lb. Best I could tell, the average was 2.75......and THAT's with NO polishing of ANY parts.

The only other mod I did was clip a few coils off the FPB spring, but that only effects the pull going back until you hit the wall....once at the wall the FPB is fully depressed anyway.

Edit: BTW, I replaced that spring without removing the sear housing from the frame. Made myself a little hook to hook the rear of the spring and pull it off the trigger bar (similar to a tool I've used when doing brake jobs on my 52 Chevy). Getting the front to come loose was a little puzzling, until I rotated the spring, counter clockwise a little bit and that puppy rolled out of the groove and then I just slipped it right outta there. Put the new one in the same way....hooked the front first....super easy, then used a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the spring back and hook the rear loop around the rear of the trigger bar. Piece-0-cake. I DID have to use a little sharpened wooden dowel to hold the rear of the trigger bar UP while I was trying to attach the spring. Otherwise the end of the bar wanted to fall down in the housing.
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Just an update to the above. This morning, I replace the striker spring with a 6 lb. 'Glock' striker spring. I was looking for improvements in 2 areas....and this little switch helped in both cases. First, I was wondering if I'd be able to realize any noticeable difference (lighter) in trigger pull. Second, I was mulling around the relationship of the recoil spring and the striker spring (especially when the striker is cocked). I was wondering if a lighter striker spring would result in more pressure being applied to the slide....keeping it in battery....theory says yes.....but would it be measurable.

I'm, happy to say, that the results were what I expected. The trigger pull, which I measured multiple times yesterday at 2.75 lbs. dropped to 2.5 lbs (checked it multiple times). The 'in battery' pressure was also increased, as I've put together a method to allow me to use a digital scale to measure the pressure on the slide when in battery. Or said another way, how much pressure is required to move the slide 1/8" rearward.

I'll be going to the range today or tomorrow to run this puppy to check for proper operation.
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Did the new spring change the reset speed?...Does it seem a bit slower to reset?
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^^^ This ^^^

In my trials of changing the trigger return spring on my PPQ, I found that I could indeed decrease the weight of the trigger tremendously, but the speed of the trigger reset was unacceptably slow. I'd like to hear ima's experience after tomorrow's range visit.
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Evening imaoldfart;

A Glock OEM (5.5#) firing pin spring won't pass my hard-primer overnight freezer test in either of my PPQ's or my P-99.

A 6# Wolff Glock firing pin spring will just meet my hard-primer overnight freezer test.

In my spring tests using my homemade spring tester a nominal Glock 5.5# (silver) spring falls in @ about 5.75# compared to a Wolff 5.5# & a Wolff 6# spring.

A good firing pin spring test is to shoot some European 9mm NATO rounds. If it will fire those off on a very cold morning then you should be good to go.

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Evening guys. Good questions as well as input on the lighter striker spring and hard primers.

Its been a busy day....going to the range and looking after one of my doggies following dental surgery. However, I can answer the question about the reset while using the new "Lanzer" identified lighter trigger return spring. You've got to remember that I'm using this lighter spring with an Apex trigger. The Apex trigger in itself is awesome.... and eliminates quite a bit of pretravel as well as over travel. Reset is just as short, if not less, than the stock PPQ trigger. I just now went back, pulled out a stock PPQ and the modded PPQ and fingered the triggers....I swear, the reset on the modded pistol seems shorter to me. Double taps and shooting from reset are almost too easy.

I was pressed for time today and only put 100 rounds thru the modded 5" Q. Flawless....absolutely flawless. Keep in mind this is a target shooting gun, not a home defense gun.

And if I have any trouble with hard primers, I can always put the stock striker spring back in.

I'm just playing and testing.....love to tinker.
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