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Originally Posted by balance View Post
Thicker lube helps until things get smooth from use. Some have gone as far as nickle plating the firing pin block for around $15.
My PPQ just came back from Walther. It has a brand new black friction coated safety plunger. Didn't cost me a cent. It was smooth as silk until I cleaned and lubed it, after which the problem returned almost worse than before.

Then it dawned on me to really take Balance's words to heart and I got some Hoppe's HBGG black gun grease. I cleaned off the thin oil and applied it just to the trigger bar tips and the top of the safety plunger.

Bingo! The trigger became instantly transparent. The take up has no sensation at all, the wall is even more definite than before, and the break is (as they say) like glass. Best of all, it has lasted through 100 rounds with no sign of recidivism.


Thanks, Balance.
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I'd suggest that you keep lubing it the same way from this point, until things smooth out on their own. On mine, it took about a thousand rounds.

If you ever have a chance to do so, try out a 99-series pistol with a good amount of rounds through it. These triggers get very smooth with use.
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Originally Posted by Joeyboy View Post
Spoke to Walther tech today and he said to shoot it more and it may smooth out, to clean the plunger on the slide (which I did thoroughly) and if all else fails to recontact. He said ABSOLUTELY not to dry-fired it. "Never dryfire a striker gun," he said. Goes against the advice of many. Meanwhile I'll run a few more rounds through it, but am not optimistic that will help. As for "suggested methods", which would void the warranty, I am not "refusing," only being sensible.
My 4" PPQ was a bit gritty, after ~1000 rounds it did smooth out pretty well. I then found this forum and did the polishing steps with some finer grit sandpaper stuck on a stick from starbucks, it was noticeably better after that. Wish I had taken some pics, it's clear that the stamped parts are not well finished prior to assembly, you could see where the 1000 rounds had done some in-use polishing and where it stopped.

OTOH the Q5 SF came with some of those contact parts painted and at first it was totally smooth, then the paint started wearing off and it actually got worse.
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See another long sequence of notes about gritty PPQ-M2 9mm 4" trigger.
Cure was to relieve each side of the frame through which the trigger moves. The frame was cast so that the trigger "hole" was too small. Suggest looking at the rear surface of each side of the trigger. If you see scratches, check to see if frame's hole is too small.

Owner of PPq-M2 9mm 4" elected to have trigger and trigger-bar replaced (Apex). In the process of replacement, it was clear that the surface of the frame where the dimple in the trigger-bar rides was rough. That area on the frame surface was polished.

Trigger action is now smooth, but expect that eventually the dimple's travel will cause some roughness. Please do tell the group what the actual cause of your roughness turns out to be.
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Nothing will help except springs replacement. This is per Walther Shooting Team.
If you want a better trigger… get Apex.
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Subject is grittiness of trigger action. Springs can change the required trigger force, but not grittiness. "Better" trigger includes issues of length-of-travel, required force, amount of over travel, distance to reset, desirable shape of trigger surface, and more. Apex PPQ trigger and trigger-bar changes some of the characteristics of the factory trigger and trigger-bar, but not all of them.
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Originally Posted by JackSprat View Post
Subject is grittiness of trigger action. Springs can change the required trigger force, but not grittiness.
You might want to read the thread below, especially the first three posts.

If you remove the magazine, turn the pistol upside down, shine a light inside you will be able to watch the striker safety motion as you slowly pull the trigger. As the trigger bar "horn" contacts the front edge of the safety cam the force is applied both rearward and downward. The rearward force pushes the safety against the inside wall and can impose a buckling effect on the spring. The Apex trigger bar "horn" is machined to a greater forward angle than the factory trigger bar which results in reduced rearward force and greater downward force. That results in less lateral motion of the spring and less grittiness as the trigger is pulled.
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