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And how do I go about correcting this issue?
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Originally Posted by keithwhite100 View Post
And how do I go about correcting this issue?
Have you tried shooting factory ammo. I have 2 Q5SF ,Mine and the wife has one . Over 8000rds of federal syntec 150 out of each gun . That is over 16,000 rds with no problems except for once in a while no slide lock but no jams or FTE's.
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Originally Posted by keithwhite100 View Post
And how do I go about correcting this issue?
What does Walther say when you talk to them? Your particular case could give them a way to reproduce a "rare" issue in their manufacturing process and give them ideas on how to improve it so that it gets fixed properly for all future Q5SF productions. It's extremely difficult for a manufacturer to fix a problem if they can't reproduce the issue. You can help them with that! For the Greater Good Of Mankind!

Also, you could try:

1. Increase extractor tension by adding more bend to it like RoanokeReloader said.

2. Add extra padding inside the magazine housing to decrease the play and making the magazines fit more straight. (My Q5SF 15-round magazines are held in place tight, but they are pushed to one side of the housing.)

3. Try a lot of different types of ammo - various factory ammo, various custom loads. Also try extremes (low/high pressure, low/high bullet weight). See of any of it makes a difference to your cycling action. It would be super interesting to hear what you find out about this to me and the rest of us.

Also, I might mention that my Q5 Match SF from the second batch of pistols that left the factory. You have one of the first 500 shipped (to meet USPSA Carry-Optics division requirement). I have one of the second 1,500 shipped pistols (to meet USPSA Production & IDPA SSP requirements). There could be slight difference between the first and second batch.
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And, in the FWIW department, just put another 150 rounds thru mine (115 gr Remington FMJ) with zero problems.
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And I shot 300 rounds of my 124 RMR FMJ at a 136 PF yesterday also with zero problems...I think that is the longest FTE/E session I have had. 10 stage match tomorrow...we'll see what happens.
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Originally Posted by RoanokeReloader View Post

.... I bent the SF slightly to increase tension on the extractor contact and my FTextract/eject double feeds resolved 2-3 thousand rounds ago.
How did you bent it? Could you post any picture?
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A little heat, a little hammer and a very delicate tap.

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From what I have read here Walther won't be seeing over two grand $CDN from me anytime soon. Wobbly magazines? Are you kidding me? Shavings in the gun from brass? Those guns ought to be going back to Walther with a note to fix with a new frame or return the buyers money. I love my two PPQ's I own they work flawlessly( the Match and M2 5") but.....

I get brand loyalty, my hand goes up, but I have never heard of magazines that wobble in a gun before. I watched a video the other day on youtube and the movement was not small. I am no engineer but it seems to me the frame casting of the magwell does not match the dimensions of the magazines.

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We've had people on this thread report that it must be something impacting the casing as it is leaving the chamber, that is stopping its rearward movement, and causing the failure to extract malfunctions. I've asked more than a few times if someone, anyone, can put up some pictures of these casings and the marks that must be on them if there is actually something that it stopping their rearward movement and causing the extractor hook to slide over the rim of the cartridge. So far, nobody has, and/or nobody can provide any pictures showing these markings.

Until someone does, I'm going to put this theory to the side.

Another member here mentioned that the issue had to do with extractor tension, and this same member mentioned a fix, and the results of the fix, which resulted in a pistol that no longer had a failure to extract malfunction issue. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this is the real issue here.

The only reliable fix would have to come from Walther. I would not suggest that anyone bend any MIM parts such as the extractor, as MIM parts do not have a good reputation for working after being bent, and other than Kimber's MIM extractors, almost all MIM parts that I've heard of, were made to be rigid, and not bend. Depending on what is wrong here, a stronger extractor spring is a better recommendation, in my opinion, but that comes with its own set of drawbacks. It is possible that Walther used a lighter extractor spring on the SF pistols, being that they would mostly be used in competition. Is the extractor spring for the SF a different part number?

Brass shavings are normal on the standard polymer framed PPQ pistols. Most of them come from the feedway on the bottom of the slide, sliding against the top cartridge in the magazine. I wouldn't worry about brass shavings, unless you are noticing brass shavings in the chamber, causing the casing to stick. Brass shavings are not an issue on the polymer PPQ and P99 pistols.

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