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SARGE7402 .22
Had one about a year ago. Shot just as well as my Interarms and my pre war PP. Had few issues with any type of ammo - including federal bulk. Still have it? Nope with a real PPK/s who needs a clone
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YUP....a few of the catastrophic blow-outs we experienced involved a complete '..sheering..' of the head/rim from the case (as shown in your photo)....with the case remaining in the chamber and the 'sheered' head/rim ejected out and back. Most involved partial 'sheering' of head/rim from case...with bits of shredded brass blowing out and back. Turns out that wearing proper eye protection is really good advice.

In all of the catastrophic blowouts that we experienced, it didn't appear that the thickness of the brass cases were any thinner/lighter than those of most other .22LR rimfire ammo (though we never put a gauge to the cases).
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RJWest .22
I just had a case blowout yesterday using Remington Thunderbolt 22. It blew out the extractor, spring, plunger everything. I was able to find most of the parts except the plunger. I might have to send mine back to walther for repair.
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Wildtoad .22
As you can see from my signature I own one of the 2013 PPK/S’s and have posted several times my likes and dislikes. To recap... It was my first pistol purchased, and have shot multiple thousand rounds through it. Once I committed to CCI MM’s and Remington GB’s the thing has done great (exception to follow) and is by far my most used and favorite pistol to shoot at the range. There are a few wear marks on the slide indicating a breakin period is needed.

The only negatives post breakin have occurred when a round would blow out the casing and the extractor would be blown out along with the spring, ball, plunger. The good news though is that Walther will repair it free of charge inclusive of shipping. This has happened twice but all is good at the moment. Not sure why they didn’t put a pin through the extractor to hold it in place but they didn’t.

I’d buy mine again.

Walther (2009) PPK .380, (2013) PPK/S .22, Ruger (2017) LCP .380, Henry (2017) Mares Leg .22

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MGMike .38
When those rim blowouts occur, the first thing to look for is a buildup of lead, wax, and fouling in the front edge of the chamber, where the rifling begins. It tends to cause short chambering of the cartridge, with the consequence that some of the sidewall next to the rim is exposed and unsupported. And that's where it blows.

Take a look at some of your brass fired immediately preceding the blowout. Does the rim show a "double chin"? If so, that's what happening.

Remove the slide and drop a loaded round into the chamber. It should enter freely, and the rim should seat fully against the rear face of the barrel.

To clean out the chamber, twirl a .25 cal bronze in the chamber section only.

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