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I just returned from my LGS after pricing a new PPK/s in .22 cal and his price in nickel is around $400. I said I had to rationalize the price for an alloy pistol vs a steel pistol on the used market

He printed out the specs for the new pistol and the
weight shown was 24 oz
Frame Finish: Nickel
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
and the Slide description : Nickeled Steel

I am not sure whether he was on the Walther site or a distributor site so my question is since they are producing a Stainless .380 are they now producing a Stainless .22??
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They are not producing any PPK/S or PPK, at this time. However, the the frame and slide are made from a alloy not Stainless Steel with a nickel finish. The alloy .22LR PPK/S, mag empty wt is 20 oz vs the Stainless steel 380 PPK/S with mag empty 23.6oz, a 3.6 oz difference.

The print out was from when the PPK/S in .22LR was first released. Where the reporters did a poor job of researching the pistols and confused the S&W with the Walther version..

Most of those that purchased the new Walther PPK/S .22 have been very happy with it. This PPK/S still, like all Walthers, have a lifetime guarantee. Most of the the negative feelings came from when they released the 5" P22 that had a very thin slide that cracked and came apart. Since then the slide on the P22 has been thicken and this is no longer a problem. There has been no report of the PPK/S .22 having any frame or slide cracking or coming apart.

Less than 1% of new owners had any problems, didn't like it, or felt intimated from the Walther traditionalist that it was not a steel Walther. I have both the steel and alloy versions and have not had any problems, with over 4000 rds through both of them. However, if you feel you most have a steel version of this weapon. Then you can find the Walther/ Manurhin here:

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For the record: I don't think that anyone who bought the new .22 version has been particularly happy with the initial trigger pull, which requires the strength of Hercules and/or Superman to pull.
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Originally Posted by searcher451 View Post
For the record: I don't think that anyone who bought the new .22 version has been particularly happy with the initial trigger pull, which requires the strength of Hercules and/or Superman to pull.
On the other hand, the herculean effort needed for the double-action pull on the new PPK/S certainly made me thankful for my old, German .22 PPK/S.
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As much as I'd hate to say it because I love my PPK/S .22, I just can't justify the $400 pricetag when my LGS regularly has excellent .22 target pistols like the Ruger Mark II/III and Browning Buckmark for $250-$300.
Hell, even if you want a .22 pistol with a similar look/feel/style to the PPK/S, the Bersa Thunder and Firestorm in .22LR is a better deal at around $250, especially considering that it has a Steel Slide and Aluminum alloy frame vs the PPK/S .22's all ZAMAK construction.

It's a nice little replica of the PPK/S in .22LR which shoots great and feels great in the hand, but at $400 it just feels like Umarex was trying to cash in on the icon. It could have and should have been priced much cheaper.
I don't regret purchasing one myself, (especially since it made me want one in .380) but in hindsight I cannot help but feel like I overpaid.
I've entrusted my life to a S&W PPK/S-1, it may not be able to stop the illusive 7ft/300Lbs+ Meth Head wearing 5 layers of denim and wielding a car door as a shield, but I'm fairly certain I can outrun such a beast, especially after dumping 7 rounds of .380 ACP into him.
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PPK/S .22cal is being discontinued?

Exactly. I wanted one too, because I was carrying a PPK/S in .380 quite often then and thought it would be a good trainer. But that 100 lb DA trigger and the way over-priced price tag put and end to that noise.

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Originally Posted by Agent_PPKS View Post
[snip]...but at $400 it just feels like Umarex was trying to cash in on the icon.
I am truly shocked that a high-quality enterprise like Umarex might do such a thing
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I for one was willing to pay a few extra bucks for a Walther PPK/s to satisfy my inner Bond. in my case less than 30 days from when I bought it the store dropped the price by $50. Oh well. Since moving to CCI and Golden Bullets I think I've had 3-4 FTE's in over 1,500 rounds. Still hates Federals.
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I've owned one but came on a steel PPK/s Nickel finish and snapped it up in a trade last summer. New alloy gun went to help finance the deal. Shot well, but wasn't the real deal.

do I still have the nickel one? Sadly not, it now resides in my better half's night stand
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Walther 5.6mm pistols are good for what they were designed for, a plinker. They are not for use in completion, unless everyone is using it. They are only good for defense if you empty the 10 rd mag center mass. Then you have 10 bullets bouncing around inside of the BG. They are bound to hit something vital. With a suppressor, they make a good hit man weapon in the back of the head.

I have own several Walther 5.6mm pistols. I have only kept two of them. My Manurhin PP, because is so beautifully finished and of course it is very dependable and accurate. My PPK/S alloy because it is very dependable, accurate.

I take out the PP once a year to shoot and clean it. I can just throw the alloy one in my range. Along with my Kadet and Sig conversion kits and go bounce cans at 25-80m. I also have a AR 15 conversion bolt and mags, a 10/22, and StG 44. That is seven pistols and three rifles that can use the 5.6mm rd, that's more an enough to go plinking.

As long as I continual to enjoy plinking with the PPK/S alloy. I will own it and when I tire of it I will sell or trade it off. I don't even notice the 17.5lb DA any more. However, I have hardly ever use it.

As far as a Bond thing, I have owned or do own enough PPKs that JB never entered into a purchase of a Walther.

I understand that Bond is dropping the PPK for the PPQ in the next Bond film. Since there may never be any new PPKs made, again. Will it be the paddle of the button release?
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