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HBK Unproven
What is the better caliber for the PPK? I heard that the PPK/S is better if it is chambered in .380, but that the PPK is better chambered in 7.65mm. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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P88 Unproven
I've had the PPK in both caliber's. There was no difference to me, except maybe muzzle flip. The PPK/S I've only had in .380
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Herr Walther Unproven
The original cartridge it was designed for was the 7.65mm. With a different breechface cut, barrel, and a spring change it does fine in the 9mm K.

The advantage of the 7.65mm is more controllable felt recoil and not as much muzzle flip as in the 9mm K.
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Wayne D Unproven
Due to frame design PPK/S is a little heavier and easier to grip thus in .380 might be a little more controllable than a PPK in .380. That said the PPK is a little more compact and it is the one Bond carried (but only in .32)
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halfmoonclip .22
It has been my personal experience that 7.65 PPKs are pleasant and reliable, while .380s are not.
It feels like the slide is clanging on the frame at every shot in the .380, and it is distinctly unpleasant to shoot.
(Before I get any accusations of wussiness, I'd rather shoot magnums in my 340 than .380s in a Walther&#33
Balistically there is no huge disadvantage with the .32.
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msw Unproven
I would agree with moon (if I may call you that, or if you prefer: halfmoonclip). I have a PPK in .32 and one in .380--I dunno, maybe I'm a wimp, but I really notice the .380. Cor-Bon+P's are not very pleasant in .380 PPK! Also, Walther-bite is easy to avoid in .32, but for me it's a given in .380. I also agree mit Herr Walther--it's very easy to shoot an impressive group mit der 7,65mm, but it takes a little more concentration with 9mmK in my wimpoid experience.
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