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Originally Posted by halfmoonclip View Post
BTW, Sarge, I'm a reloader as well, but I've been schooled not to carry my reloads. In a social situation, the fact that you used reloaded ammo might be used against you in a court of law. This is Mas Ayoob talking, but it makes sense to me. BTW, I carry Gold Dots in other .380s; they have a good rep for both penetrating and expanding a bit.
I respect your thoughts/actions but I carry what I think is best and don't give a hoot about MA or any whacked out prosecutor/defense lawyer.
I'm too well connected...... Lock up SgtV and throw away the key. So much for friends.
Seriously .... That's a decision everyone will have to make.
They've infringed enough.
When I lived near Yosemite in the '60s, I was not going to let a bear eat this young NCO or the woman who had my heart.
Would you like that Bear Burger medium or well done campers?
Over and out on that subject sir.
There's a little bit of rebel in every American.
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The is a independent test of several brands of 380's on You Tube.


Buffalo was not very far up on the list. +P ammo just puts more strain and more wear on the firearm. Fiocchi and Precision One with the XTP bullet was the best.
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dwaw .22
Great video Jaems! Thanks
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Originally Posted by Jaems View Post
Buffalo was not very far up on the list. ...
That was the Buffalo Bore JHP, not the hardcast. Apples and oranges. As someone who has used a handgun for its intended purpose, I can tell you that if you need your .380 in the real world when it's over you may think about where you can get a clean pair of underwear or you may be glad that you were not carrying your .22, but you will not be worried about how much wear and tear you just inflicted on your weapon with +p ammunition. I assure you.

Load your weapon with the most powerful stuff that you and it can handle. Shoot enough to make sure that it's reliable, and then get some good range ammo and practice, practice, practice.


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michael t Unproven
1st their is no +P in 380 .That's hype. SAMMI is the one that approves a +P and they don't . 380 today is loaded under powered . Most only make around 17000 PSI Max for 380 is 21000 psi. Corbon and maybe others loads near to that number . That's why many Europe ball brands seem hotter .Their not down loaded .

I carry either Corbon JHP or their DPX . In my Interarms Ranger PPK/s. As for practice what ever ball ammo I can get cheap. Other than that Winchester white box . I won't buy that .Have read about to many squib rounds here on the net With that brand. .

I have shot the Buffalo Bore JHP Recoil wise it feels a little hotter than Corbon.

I carry my PPK/s with 1 spare mag I don't my self worry about the FBI 12 to 18" As a armed citized I really don't believe I will need to shoot thru windsheilds ,doors, or other cover . Seems most SD shootings are at spitting distance and majority of shooting are face to face. .
My 2 favorite 380's are Interarms PPK/s and the Bersa Thunder . I will give the Bersa best trigger DA/SA It is head and shoulders above the PPK/s of any year. Both shoot about the same in accuracy department .
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PPK/S Interarms Stainless
Bersa 380
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Originally Posted by colt View Post
I believe that there is a trade-off between what you like and what is considered "best" for defense. The PP series pistols,to me,are just like a beautiful woman,they are terrific to have and hold.There are better,both in price and stopping power than the Walther,they just are not the same.So many people on the forums think they are going into combat,you're not,just walking around town and need something to protect yourself.A 380 is fine for self-defense.I am sure there will be several that disagree,that's why so many calibers and pistols are made.
So you're saying my hand grenades are overkill?
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Hardball. In all my PP guns.

As far as reloads go, I think they're fine. If you're on the stand being questioned by a DA, reloads are the least thing you should be worried about. Anyway, unless you're using an unusual bullet, the DA isn't going to know it's a reload.
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See the “Crunching the 380” thread, look at the data (300+ data points from other people’s tests) and make up your own mind.

Our PPK(/s)s are in the stronger side being 3+” barrels and, all other things being equal, pushing more FPS than G42.

Of course test to ensure function and practice!
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Originally Posted by shakedownstreet View Post
So you're saying my hand grenades are overkill?
A radio with a loitering WartHog on the other end is the ultimate, but pricey.
Never a satisfactory answer for this question, but the notion we're armed civilians, not cops, does effect our choices.
ETA: As regards Ayoob's opinion, it is only one factor in carrying factory. I trust my own, quite good, handloads, and have chrono data to back that. The G42 has proved, by experience and by reports, to be so reliable I haven't felt the need to run 100 of anything to prove it trustworthy. The PPK, not so much, and I tried to find a reload that would run 100 straight, due to cost.
As Mike pointed out, after running 80-odd rounds in the Walther, one's grip isn't as firm and consistent as it should have been, which may have been part of the issue.
Anyway, don't carry the Walther (still love), do carry the Glock, use factory defense ammo. My call, YMMV.
"There is nothing there but war
Hear the murderin' cannons roar
And they say that we must go
and fight for Lincoln..."
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Larry D. .22
For my 2 cents, carry whatever you like, it's not my place to tell you what to do.

In Larry D. land, I won't carry any vintage firearm so self defense, because I want to keep it.
If I'm gonna have one disappear for an evidence room, it'll be some soul-less modern-ish kind of flavor-O'-the-day handgun. There are some PP and PPK type clones that will do if that's my thing. Even the hideous Glock has a 380 these days.
I like 380, and I don't feel undergunned with it.

I've carried a 32 or two and felt OK with it, too.

As to the handload thing, if you really think an anti-gun lawyer won't know you used a handload, you are in for a rude, and very expensive awakening.
For that matter, they'll try to make the case that you wanted to murder someone even with store bought SD ammo.
Read up on a guy named Harold Fish. An Arizona DA burned him bad. To the point that the manufacturer of his SD ammo changed the wording on their packaging. So much for the axiom about being judged by 12 instead of carried by 6. Remember, there's a lawyer attached to every bullet.

We live in strange times, brothers. Gone are the days where the other side simply disagrees with us.
They want us punished. Criminalized. Cancelled. Demonized.

Carry daily if you want to. I carry when I feel the need.
I live in a state where we don't need to ask permission to do so, much less pay for it.
With any luck, you'll never need your pistol. I hope not. With some more luck, your local politicians aren't just a bunch of political hacks hell bent on on standing on the backs of law abiding citizens to prove how woke they are.

Rant off now.
Just my opinion, and worth what you paid for it....
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