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BB57 .22
I'm a big fan of the FEG pistols AP series pistols:

The AP9S is a PP clone in .380 ACP with a slightly larger and heavier steel frame and slide as this civilian market pistol's aluminum framed "PA" series military forbearers were designed for use with 9mm Mak. The slightly larger frame makes them a pleasure to shoot, and doesn't significantly reduce their comfort or concealability as a concealed carry pistol.

The same pistol was also chambered in 32 ACP/7.65mm Browning as the AP7S

There are also "APK" pistols that are in essence clones of the PPK/S with a shorter barrel and slide.

The APK9S and APK7S are also excellent pistols to shoot and carry.

Top to bottom:
APK7S; and
Walther/Manuhrin PPs

The differences you'll find in them come down to the specifications of the importer who placed the orders for them.

Interarms was looking for a stable mate and potential replacement for Walther PP series pistols post 1986. As such they specified a very high level of finish and Interarms imported examples are very well made.

At the other end of the spectrum you'll find examples imported by Tennessee Guns Inc. These are just as functional but they lack the polish of the Interarms versions, and they lack details like the milled lines on the top of the sight rail. TGI on the left, Interarms on the right:

or the same attention to detail in dressing sharp edges. Interarms on the left, TGI on the right:

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michael t Unproven
If want a small pocket carry 32 that affordable the P-32 KelTec

6.6 oz empty 7+1 or a 10 round mag and 9.4 oz loaded with the 7 mag .Theirs 4 in my house. Low recoil unlike Guardian or Seecamp and the slight delay blow back they use .
Those still a little snappy recoil.
Like I said choice of women in family for carry I carry mine in Jacket in cold weather. Don't know its their

When I carry mine corbon JHP
PPK/S Interarms Stainless
Bersa 380
WWJBD What would James Bond Do.
MyPPK/S doesn't bite, because it loves me.
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colt .22
I know several people who carry the 32 Kel-Tec at their work.They are light and hide very well.I have no experience with one,but they all seem to like them.
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Originally Posted by 153 View Post
There really is no substitute for the real article. ...
Now what's wrong if someone has some sense of esthetics? I, for instance, hate the looks of all those ugly glocked-up things that everybody seems to be very proud to produce for the couple of last decades. Sure, they are good and reliable tools to get the job done, but they are just tools. And please note - I don't hate those guns, I just hate their looks. If necessary, I can use them to get the job done, just as I can use an axe or a club. However, if there's a choice, I prefer to have a NICE thing to do the job. For me picking a gun based just on functionality is like picking a wife just with one criteria on the mind - to get the job done....

P.S. I have Beretta FS92 9mm as the main and German made Walther PPK 32ACP as the backup. I regard them as benchmarks for (a) reliability, (b) usability, AND, of course (c) looks.

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I would get the real thing. Maybe Walther will make one again as they did offer a stainless PPK in .32 years ago.
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Adding my .02 to this thread.

Had a FEG AP-MBP in .32. Was a damn fine shooter, but the decocking piece that stops the hammer had worn and if you applied the safety with a round chambered without controlling the hammer it would ND. I sold it after I started buying real Walthers. Yes, I disclosed issue to the new buyer, he understood and did not care...He, like me before him, wanted to try a cheap clone before blowing the cash on a real Walther. That said, while functionally the same as a PP, in terms of the finish and manufacture it was far from a Walther and rather crude. It still worked flawlessly while I owned it, and I imagine from its rough exterior that it had been through a lot.

I also have a P64 that is rather punishing but a ringer for a PPK if you don't have sufficient funds. The Radom P-64 is a well built pistol and for the paltry sum of $225-275, it's a great buy if you can tolerate the recoil. It's also one that you can bang around and carry with you in place of a PPK that is likely valued significantly higher. You don't have to be shy with the Radom and need not worry about whether you just destroyed its value by adding some character whilst in your pocket for the day. I keep mulling over getting out of the Mak caliber myself, but I'd have to move 3 pistols and blow through about 1k rounds...so I stay in it for now.

Both the FEG and P-64 are solid "clones" if you want to try the experience of a Walther but don't feel like jumping head first into the money sinkhole that comes with the banner.
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Originally Posted by RevRay View Post
I'm fairly new to Walthers, so please bear with me if my question is naive. Anyway, I've noticed that PPK .32's do not come cheap ... so I got to wondering. What would you turn to next for a substitute look-a-like if you just couldn't afford the best ... a Mauser ... a Sig ... a FEG ... what?
As noted above the Manurin made police surplus Walther PPs in .32 ACP can still be found at reasonable prices sometimes in excellent condition.

The steel framed commercial FEG AP7S and APK7S (as well as the AP9s and APK9S) are however a great deal as well. They haven't been imported for over 10 years now so finding NIB examples is not as common but it still happens, and they are still fairly easy to find in excellent condition.

They will run a couple hundred less than a Manuhrin PP or PPK/S. With the more generous chambers used in the AP and APK pistols, they are generally more reliable than a PP or PPK/S, but a little harder on brass and not quite as accurate.

Finish quality ranges from superb to ok, depending on the importer. Interarms had very high specifications and their examples are very well made.

The TGI imported pistols are pretty utilitarian, and the Century Arms International models are usually pretty rough in comparison to the Interarms models.

The aluminum framed AP pistols and the military PA series pistols tend to be a bit rougher as well, and condition isn't always great and/or you'll find parts guns assembled from frames and slides of different models.

The problem is that people confuse those with the steel framed commercial models and their really isn't much in common between them in terms of finish and reliability.

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I also carry a Kel Tec P32 as a back up weapon. This is my third one. All have been 100% reliable. The non blowback delayed action softens the recoil impulse. The chamber is loaded with a round of BB 75 gr hardcast, followed by a magazine of 73 gr Fiocchi fmj. The major issue for me on all three P32's I've owned is the tiny sights. A spot of finger nail polish helps a lot. The P32 has a very nice trigger, easy to stage. I just picked up a 1940 PP. Having shot them both side by side the issue of recoil didn't grab my attention. How they felt in the hand was the most obvious difference. The PP is very comfortable to shoot, and the single action trigger is very smooth and light. But, the P32 at under 10 oz loaded and tiny is hard to ignore.

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