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November .22
"Belgian" Twins at the Range

I finally had time to take my new PPK twins to the range. They are S&W-manufactured Walther PPK pistols in .32acp. The story is that these (along with eatdessertfirst's .32) were brought to Belgium by a S&W sales rep and therefore were proof marked on the barrel hood, slide and frame along with an additional proof mark on the barrel hood by the proofer. I snapped up two of them on Gunbroker, eatdessertfirst bought another and there was one other listed on GunsAmerica all sold by Robertson Trading Post. These are the only .32s marked this way that I know about so far (whoops, spoke too soon...see below). There are however some .380 examples marked this way also.

I put 100 rounds of S&B 73 grain FMJ through each pistol with no issues which was a nice surprise. I loaded all mags to full capacity with one additional in the chamber to test for +1 carry function. No problems at all. Accuracy was very good and recoil was a good bit less than my .380 PPK.

They now need a good cleaning.

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eatdessertfirst .22
Nice pics!
We'll have to photo shop my "Belgian" into the pic to call it triplets.
We both bought our PPK's from Robertsontrading post.
There are a few more for sale on GunsAmerica from said vendor.
According to [email protected] customer service, mine was born Oct 15, 2008.
Just received it back from [email protected] for the recall work: it took them a two week turn
around which included Fed ex on both ends -- which they paid for.
As stated in earlier thread, I ran 50 rounds of Fiocchi fmj without a hiccup.
So far so good.
Now to save for a RZM.
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November .22
That was quick! Maybe I'll send mine in one at a time for the recall work. Glad yours is working well too. Robertson has more .32s? I gotta go check that out.

Edited to add: yup, looks like there a few more of the .32 PPK pistols from Robertson available. One in particular is mint.

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