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BDCSam .22
Question "Do not shoot and Do not sell"?

I inherited a mint (fired only a few times ever) PPK .32, serial number 187055 (1965) with confirmed markings (eagle over N) made in West Germany. My grandfather carried it and I want to carry it, but I have been told by many here to "not sell it" and " do not to shoot it". Why? I will never sell it, because of the sentimental issue, so should I be overly concerned with the "value" being diminished by using it? Can you guys help me decide what to do.
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Rothenfluh .22
As with most things, there are at least two camps of thought on that. Only you can decide. I belong to the camp that says, a firearm is a tool and was made to be fired. I shoot all mine. I do not buy a firearm to keep as an unfired safe queen. But that's just me. There are others who feel just as firmly that one should not fire such a pistol as it diminishes it's value. I don't agree and believe if you want to collect something just to look at you should try stamps or coins.

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"Was wären Ihre Männer lieber, müde oder tot?" - Rommel
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Pilotsteve .22
BDCSam, I expect a range report by Saturday!

Do you really think this pistol was made to be pretty and sit in a box somewhere? Sir, it is a tool that begs to be used... and to bring it's happy owner much joy. The person who machined that piece of super-high quality steel artistry meant for it to be used. That person is likely long dead. Won't you honor their craftsmanship by using it for it's intended purpose?

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driften Unproven
I agree with the others. You should carry and shoot it in honor of your grandfather. If it was a mint pre-war model I would be more tempted to not carry it but I would still give it a range session.
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Martin .22
I own a '62 PPK .32, inherited from my father (beside a few other guns: hunting rifles, shot guns, a revolver and a flare gun). For me every round I shoot thru is a memento to him, using the same guns he used. I have my own guns too, but these are very special for me. I won't miss that feeling!
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Wissen ist Macht! Wir wissen nichts, macht nichts.
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DrE .22
Same thoughts here: It's a tool. Tools must be kept in working order. RANGE TRIP!

I'd likely not carry one with that kind of provenance but it wouldn't be hidden away, hermetically sealed in a box, either.
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Milspec .38
If carrying or shooting your grandfather's PPK makes you feel good then do it. If you want to sell it than feel free. It's your gun and your choice. It's not a great self-defense choice in any case. My opinion...
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Martin .22
Like TANFOGLIO noted in his signature:

It is better to have a PPK and not need it than to need a PPK and not have it

Wissen ist Macht! Wir wissen nichts, macht nichts.
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I think you should fire it. You will certainly enjoy the pistol. Why deny yourself the opportunity?
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budrichard .22
I own a similar 1965 PPK 32ACP purchased in the box with all 30 years ago at a Gun Show for $260. The guy was standing by an empty table with a box on the table that I knew from 30 ft away what was in it(Walther of some sort).
My wife has carried it over the years and now I carry it once in awhile.
Since Wisconsin now has Concealed Carru we carry a S&W M&P 9 and a SIG P226-40 repspectively but the Walther still comes in handy once in a while.
With FMJ, Silver tips and now Gold Dots, the gun has never had a failure.
Top dollar is paid for NEW IN THE BOX with all, one just sold on Gun Broker for over $1700. IF any thing is missing and if the gun has been fired, the value drops substantially.
Do you have a carry license, do you feel comfortable carrying a 7.65mm?
If yes, why not use it with the sentimental valuation that it has.-Dick
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