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Potential sources for old & obsolete parts

There are many potential sources for old and obsolete gun parts --mostly used-- other than Numrich. You just have to be patient and learn where to ask.

A fellow forum member sent me a PM asking for specific names. Apart from Tom Heller and Numrich, who already have been mentioned, here's a list --in no particular order--that I quickly assembled from cards of people I have met and/or had dealings with over many years. I don't pretend that this list is up-to-date (some of them may be out of business or perhaps even deceased). I have provided a few phone numbers and/or websites for the less well-known ones, as well as the states of location. Those who are still active probably can be easily located using Google.

Most of them do not specialize in Walthers in particular, and a few are strictly longshots. The majority do not have lists or catalogs. Don't be surprised if they don't have some particular part, but you have to ask. Do your homework first so you can ask for the part by its correct name; don't waste everyone's time trying to describe a "thingy".

Springfield Sporters PA
Checkpoint Charlie WI
M&M Gunsmithing AL
Gunpatch Parts Depot KS 316-733-8444
Northridge Int'l CA
Ohio Ordnance OH
Ray's Surplus Inc. MI (Ray Kryza)
John W. Raum 216-699-0153
Brownell's IA
Century International VT
Martin Retting, CA
InterOrdnance, NC
Jack First
Gibbs Rifle Co./Navy Arms WV
Lee's Gun Parts TX 972-790-0773
Doug Mashburn NC 828-396-8622
Chuck Lindley 913-321-0667
Pacific International Merchandising Corp./Old Sacramento (Ed Faust) CA
Ron Slover (mags) 405-966-2577
Clips & Magazines TX Clips and Magazines for Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns 972-986-8158
Hugh May, MO 314-843-8175
Mike Krotz OH 440-272-5343, 440-862-0378
J&M Sporting goods MD 301-840-9486
Silver Hill Holding Co. NC Gunville Gun Stocks and Silver Hill Co.- Gun Stocks and Gun Parts
Blue Ridge Collectibles VA (Phil Saccacio) 540-456-6405
Indian River Collectibles FL 386-290-5848
Pacific Armament Corp. CA 209-545-2800
The Dealer Warehouse, CA
Bill Drollinger CA 831-770-1787
RTG Parts AZ 623-362-3459
Francis Parrott (mags) 765-584-2923, 941-475-2078
Omega Weapons Systems AZ 520-889-8895

And of course, most gunshows will have one or two old-timers with trays full of old greasy parts. Introduce yourself and get to know these people. Leave them a "wants" list. Most of them are intimately familiar with their inventory and if you can identify exactly what you are looking for, you can sometimes strike gold.

Once in a blue moon, I also may have some part that you need, but I'm not in the business and you have to be patient.


P.S. This list really needs some industrious soul to go methodically through it to bring it up to date, make deletions and corrections as needed (I'm not disposed to invest more time in it). Others will doubtless have sources to add; feel free to do so.


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I have dealt with a couple of these guys Mike and Blue Ridge (Phil) has quite a supply of various magazines. No 22 stuff at the moment, but does have 32 and 380.

Thanks for this information. Finding parts for our guns can be like a scavenger-hunt and I think we always appreciate hearing about where all the hiding places are.
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Thanks greatly, MGMike and Sarge; this is a terrific member service and an instant Sticky. Nicely done.

And, of course, if you know of other sources that are not mentioned or referenced here, by all means add them to the list.
Searcher 451

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Another one I found while searching for parts was Poppert's Gun Parts Main Menu I don't know how they are to deal with, but they do list Walther PP and PPK parts.
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The contact information for Tom Heller:

Gun Parts Sales & Repairs
Tom Heller (Luger Doc)
P O Box 398
St Charles MO 63302
Tel 636-447-3006
Email: [email protected]

Some folks have had some luck contacting M&M Gunsmithing:

M&M Gunsmithing
M&M Gunsmithing
2423 Carter Grove Rd
Hazel Green Al. 35750
E-mail [email protected]
E-mail [email protected]

Earl's Repair Service, where parts are sold, can be four here:

Walther Firearms and Accessories, Earl's Repair Service Inc. - Home Page

This thread contains sources for parts and a gareat deal more:


And here's a link to an older thread that never quite caught on, though it still has some valuable information:

Searcher 451

Μολὼν λαβέ

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MGMike .38
More parts sources can be found on Wisner's website:

Welcome to Wisner's, obsolete gun parts.

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cedarhill .22
I dealt with Popperts for a used Remington 51 -.380 barrel and got great service.
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I'm looking for the Loaded Chamber indicator removal tool
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Hoosier Gun Works

They not only have a lot of guns and magazines, of which many aren't even listed but they are also one of the best resources to identify magazines.

Hoosier Gun Works : Online Catalog : Magazines-Pistol ID
Viel Feind, viel Ehr
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