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My "Almost a Walther"

Thought some of you might want a change of pace from rare, pristine PP series so I thought I would post a couple of photos of my "FauxPK/s"


Bought this new in the early 80's, marked as an Iver Johnson Pony PX-22 in .22 LR. Believe it is a product of Erma-Werke who sold the same gun as RX-22. IJ must have bought enough guns to claim the "P" in the model number.

Very much a Walter copy but much smaller than a PPK and slightly larger than a TPH.

Breaks down just like a PP by levering down the trigger guard and lifting the slide off from the rear. Fixed barrel blowback design.


It has the heel mag release and the magazines must be pulled out. It actually shoots fairly well but the very tiny sights pretty much eliminate any real precision. Feeds and cycles reliably with standard and HV rimfire loads.

Bought it because it was cheap at the time, every example I've seen for sale lately is 4-5 times what I remember paying for it.

Might still serve as a handy back-up due to its diminutive size. Even in .22, it would be better than a knife or calling your assailant mean names.
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Gene L .22
I remember those back when. I couldn't afford them, although they were reasonably priced.
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halfmoonclip .22
Had an Erma-Werke .22 sorta-copy of an M1 carbine. It worked fine, tho' there was alloy involved. Extra mags were an issue. Perhaps they were the Umarex of their day.

HHPIN, remember those, and yours is in uncommon nice shape.

Neat piece. The finish is paint, and any .22 auto is iffy for social purposes. Parts would be tough; make it a range queen.
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