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Nickel Prewar PP 7.65mm Rarity?

I was at a gun show over the weekend. A gentleman had a nickel plated Walther PP 7.65mm. 90 degree safety, no loaded chamber indicator pin. The trigger and hammer were blued. The extractor was properly hardened.

I examined the pistol up close with my reading glass one and the markings and proof marks were all sharp and proper. I've seen plenty of aftermarket nickel plated guns to know what to look for.

This Walther looked great. Shiny nickel. Black proper grips. I know that many PP or PPK pistols were nickel plated here in the US by "gunsmiths" to cover up worn finishes.

I tried a google search and cannot find a photo online of a genuine nickel plated pre-war Walther PP.

On one hand, I find this Walther to have no signs of impropriety and a nickel finish applied after it left the factory.

However, a really good refinisher could accomplish this (I've known a couple).

So does anyone with actual knowledge find this to be an impossible Walther, not impossible, or a super rarity?
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I have seen nickel/gold/silver plated engraved pistols, all engraved. Make sense those finishes could have been applied to non engraved pistols as well.

If all the small details were right, and the price was reasonable ... no reason that someone would go to all that effort.

It didn’t have J. Goebbles on the back strap did it?
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My hardchromed P5 is a similar critter; it didn't exist from the factory, but is a handsome gun in any case.
I didn't pay a premium for the P5. What's the asking?
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