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Welp, we got the full range of opinions on this thread. Here are a few comments based on my experiences, FWIIW. The broken ejector described above is literally the first part malfunction that I have heard of. I consider these pistols to be incredibly robust and I have never had a single FTF or FTE. I recently bought my 13th or 14th Super (I lost count), and I will probably list a nice one for sale here in the near future. The 9x18 ammo is available, just not at your local Walmart. I have shot some .380 through an older police surplus 9x18 that I no longer own, and it ran fine. I heard an Internet rumor years ago of an Aussie putting thousands of rounds of .380 through a 9x18, but that is rumor. I am not recommending it, but it can be done, although the undersized .380 cases deform, as I showed some years ago in another thread. As Jimbo said, these are great value pistols, and are pleasant to shoot. The .380 versions are well worth obtaining if you have ammo-phobic reasons to avoid the Super, just get ready to open your wallet because most are now in the range of $1,500+. I do not find the stock plastic grips too large, and in fact they fit my hand quite nicely. The seldom seen OEM wood grips are very nicely done, and Marschall Gripsí version are very good, plus Marschall gives you a wide range of wood types and finishes, if you are willing to wait a couple of months. The finger-rest magazine base plate is not necessary, but gives you an even nicer grip at the range. Those are increasingly overpriced, but all Super magazine prices have been climbing the last few years. IMO, the Super is more pleasant to shoot than most other PP series pistols. There is even commercial self-defense JHP ammo available here if you want to go that route. My $0.02, and donít blame me when you develop a new gun addiction.
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Every Walther collection needs a Super.
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