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This one is one currently for sale near me, asking price is the equivalent of $490:

There are a few others on offer from other sources, ranging in price up to $650. But “near me” would be a long way from many of the readers of this forum (I live in Europe).

SIG Sauer's answer to the Walther PP/PPK were the models P 230 and P 232, the first of which was chambered in this calibre (also referred to as 9mm Police). Both models were, for a while, popular with some European police officers who had to carry a concealed weapon. They have been abandoned in favour of 9mm sub-compacts and are to be found frequently on the second-hand market.

I was once tempted by a P 230 in perfect condition, but the availability of ammunition put me off. Hirtenberger have recently ceased manufacturing munition, leaving Fiocchi as the only (to my information) manufacturer still producing 9 x 18 Ultra/Police. Not even Sellier & Bellot make it, and they seem to produce just about every conceivable type of small-arms ammo.

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I saw a VERY nice commercial recently for under $600 which I would have insta bought if I wasn't so gun poor this month. If I could bring myself to sell something I would buy it in an instant. In my mind the Super is a real bargain and a no brainer for any Walther fan.
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Originally Posted by Jimbo80 View Post
...There were not a lot made and 9mm Ultra ammo was very hard to come by...
And that is wonderful.
All the better, such rare artifacts are preserved. ;-)

The Walther PP automation design was originally designed for a relatively weak .32 cartridge.
The use of a more powerful cartridge causes the rollback speed of the slide is much higher than the calculated one.
This leads to strong impacts at the end points that break the parts.
Problems arose immediately after applying cartridge 9 short.
They tried to fight this, but could not radically fix it. Many pistols break after about 5-7 K-shots.

A similar mountain of problems was when creating a Makarov pistol (PM).
Slides burst, safes flew away, other details broke ... The rest ...

Walther PP-Super was originally a stillborn model.
Interesting, pretty, but it's not a service weapon.
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Wonderful pistols my two 9x18 with Marschal grips.
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Geo' was kind enough to bird dog me to an Ultra on Gunbroker. Funds are a little tight, and I didn't really want to start dealing with another caliber.
Unhappily, you can't get them all. There has been an embarrassment of really nice Beretta 81s in .32, and I should have gotten one of them as well.
I'm reaching that stage in life where my stuff owns me.
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I own an ultra-calibred PP-Super. It's one of my few guns with a calibre that is only found once in my collection. When I saw a PP-Super for the first time, my first thought was how terribly unaesthetic this weapon looks. The grip is somehow much too big and the various components don't really want to fit optically together.

At some time I had the opportunity to buy a PP-Super and so I did finally. I would have preferred to buy one in .380 ACP, but I have never seen such a one in my region. From time to time I take it in my hand again and and every time I do that, I notice how much too big the grip is. We'll never be best friends.

Although in Switzerland the calibre 9mm Ultra was used by many police departments including the Zurich city police, today this calibre is obsolete, and the ammunition is quite rare. For this reason, many former police issued SIG Sauer P230 pistols remain on the shelves for a long time despite their cheap prices. Who knows, maybe one day I'll buy such a paperweight as well.
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PP Super normally eats .380 cartridges.
There are misfires due to the non-capture of the cartridge by the extractor, but it suits the gallery.

PS It is interesting to compare the weight of the PP(K) and PP-Super slides. Does anyone have such an opportunity?

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I have one of the PP supers in the 9x18 Ultra/Police round. Found both Fiocchi and Precision Cartridge in Hobart Indiana makes the round. I also reload the round. I carry the gun with two spare mags. I don't carry my reloads for defensive carry
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I live in Nevada. During the CCW class, (Concealed Carry Weapon), the instructor told us NOT to use reloads when you concealed carry as it is against Nevada Revised Statutes. This advice is not just for PP Ultra 9x18 reloads, it is for all reloads used in a concealed carry gun.

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sunhawk7 .22
Bought one new in 1983 in .380. Pretty nice pistol.
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