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Mike Martin .22
No getting around it.

I like to take good care of my guns, and have noted on several threads on this forum that it is advisable not to let the hammer fall when applying the safety on PP's/PPK's, (ride it down with the thumb) to avoid damaging the "safety drum". However; the owners manual on my PPK says to disassemble the pistol with the safety on, unfortunately when you reassemble it in this way the hammer will fall on the drum. I guess there's just no getting around it.
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One can easily disassemble PP/ PPK with the safety off. For disassembly, I have never applied safety lever on safe. Remove magazine, visually inspect that chamber is empty, and from that point disassemble. Once cleaning is complete, put slide back on, and lower hammer by thumb.
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Duncanppk .22
Safety drum

I agree with Rick 100%. The manuals are written by lawyers with bold red letters and warnings. Yes, read them and understand your weapon, but handguns and rifles are machines. Follow common sense handling rules. They will not jump up and bite anyone by themselves.

Why is it suggested by forum members not to drop the hammer on the safety drum? We want to protect your machines. Lawyers who write safety warnings, many times had never held a handgun in their lives, we have. As a retired LEO I carried and protected my life with handguns, rifles and shotguns. Others forum members have done the same. Wisdom comes from common sense and familiarity. DON'T LET THE HAMMER DROP.

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halfmoonclip .22
Is it my imagination, or is there another thread about this?
Yeah, it would get mighty fiddly taking a PP down with the safety on...the hammer would keep falling.
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Even if you were to always load with the safety catch on (down), how would the stress of doing so compare to the stress (on the safety drum) of firing, over the life of the pistol. Yes the firing pin absorbs hammer energy, but the safety drum / firing pin area gets stressed twice for each round fired; once when the hammer falls at firing and again when the slide drives the hammer back. So, I believe it's really difficult to know the cause of safety drum failures: occasional de-cocking over time or firing the pistol over the same time period?

I load with the safety catch on.

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