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Help in identifying PP Holster

Acquired a 1932'ish Walther PP with 90 degree safety, crown/n, heavily used, and with its "original" holster. Serial number 770XXX. The holster is also heavily used and it looks like the gun has molded for 87 years to the leather contours. Have no idea of the holster's origin, maker or intended firearm. No embossed markings other than a "P36" in the inside upper right. The cross banding of the straps is a new one on me for "official" PP holsters. Any ideas?


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I dunno, not an expert at holsters. I have to say that I recently bought a PPK (maybe it was a PP?... ) that had a holster VERY similar.

I have a few "originals" that I believe are truly pre-war/war-time, but my holster which is similar to yours looks like post-war.

However, yours has signs that it might be legit, the wear looks more like what it should for a 90 year old gun.

Again, I'm NOT expert on holsters, maybe someone else can chime in.

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Your holster is Czech military issue for the CZ 24. If not mistaken, I believe the marking is a unit designation. As your gun is a commercial, there are a couple of scenarios as to how it was mated to the holster. Perhaps the commercial gun was purchased by an officer and while on duty in the Protectorate, he decided to exchange his German commercial holster for the Czech holster, or perhaps the vet after acquiring the pistol, found the Czech holster and acquired it. Whatever. But it was not purchased for use with your gun when it was sold.
Joe W.

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Poloberst. Thanks for your research and providing a probable scenario. Who knows how they came together, but it is fitting to conjure scenarios that would bring these two pieces of recent history together. I am finding that the older holsters, mated to their pistol, offer a deep humanizing effect. They are a persons pistol, worn on a specific persons hip in a personal holster. Again, thanks
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