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PPK/s - 60 hand made in late 2009 - is this true?

March 2009 I wanted a new PPK/s to replace one my wife had given up….. I got sick, stuck in a wheel chair, from Guillian-Barre syndrome and she needed to put food on the table for three small boys too. Now that times were better I wanted to see her with a new CCW pistol – nice, new, same make and model she loved. I had no clue about the big PPK/s recall. Looking online, gun shows – no luck – so I asked my machine gun/suppressor dealer to track one down for me. The man has worldwide contacts everywhere and known for locating obscure and rare machine gun parts.
Many, many weeks and months go by. Late 2009 I get a call – he’s a got a new one fresh from the factory!! And a story to tell. He tells me the reason there are no new PPK/s around – new ones on the shelf are all being shipped back to S&W Maine for the recall, and, S&W Maine has not been making new ones until the recall is finished. I look at him, ask, “So, where did this come from?”
He tells me it’s an ‘allocation pistol’. S&W Maine was contacted by Walther Germany back in September (2009) and reminded they needed to make a minimum of 60 PPK/s units per year or the contract was void. Smith & Wesson cabbaged together the parts and hand fitted sixty pistols – built not unlike Pre-64 Winchesters – to satisfy the Walther home office. 30 of the hand made pistols went to East Coast distributors with 30 going to West Coast distributors. Hers is 5016BAM.
Valentine’s Day 2010 I gave it to her along with 24 long stem red roses – sort of a ‘Guns and Roses’ theme.
I have no reason to doubt the story. It would be nice if anyone here can authenticate it?
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hope you guys are doing better now. That was a very nice jester you made and I like the guns and roses theme
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