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michaeljessemyers 08-29-2019 08:37 PM

Walther PPK or PPK /S
Hello everyone, I haven't used this forum much in the past - I think I created my account years ago, to find information for my brother.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question - if so, it can be moved.

After a lot of thinking about it, I'm strongly considering a Walther PPK or the /S version for a "carry gun", instead of my S&W Model 19. I went to the Walther site, then to the gun dealers where all I find is "out of stock", and then to Gunbroker where I find lots of choices I know little about.

If what I read is correct, both of the guns I'm looking into are available new. I guess my question is where I might find them for sale, if at all possible in South Florida.

If I go to Gunbroker, there are original models, and "first edition" models, and lots of other choices, but I'm not sure which might be best for me. I'm not a collector, so I think I'd be better off with a brand new gun.

Also, I understand the upper part of the gun is the same on the PPK and the /S model, but the /s has a longer grip and can hold one more round. Other than size and capacity, are there any reasons to get one rather than the other?

I currently shoot Bullseye, often with a 1911. I found where S&W and others make a miniature 1911. I would probably be right at home with that gun. On the other hand, I know very little about the PPK, other than that a relative has one, and loves it, and a retired Federal agent highly recommended it. His advice was to just drop it into a pocket, no holster needed.

Final question - my range allows me to shoot at 15, 25, or 50 yards. At 15 yards, what kind of accuracy could I expect, if I do my part properly.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

93978 08-29-2019 09:42 PM

My perceptions:
-- Given grip length, the PPK is better for pocket than the PPK/S.
-- It's easier to control .380 ACP in a PPK/S than it is in a PPK.
-- The PPK is best with.32 ACP.
-- The S&W variant cycles HP/JHP as well as FMJ given its modernized (continous) feed ramp. (Note 1: Some hate the looks of the S&W variant given its extended tang, but the extended tang allows me better control; Note 2: Fort Smith has retained the S&W feed ramp and extended tang.)
-- On casual observation (when gripped) the PPK and PPK/S look identical (but you get the extra round with the PPK/S.)
-- Stainless steel is the way to go if you intend to EDC your PPK or PPK/S.

Kar98 08-29-2019 09:48 PM

"Available" means still nothing. The PPK/S is getting hand assembled in Arkansas at a rate of I think it was 35 a day. The PPK will ship "later this year or early next year." Been hearing that one since 2013.
For concealed carry as a reliable and accurate self defense gun with some 1911 style, you can't go much better than the Sig P938 or Kimber Micro 9, both beefed up versions of the Colt Mustang.

93978 08-29-2019 10:35 PM

In my view, the Glock 42 is the best "PPK sized" .380 ACP pistol.

Kar98 08-29-2019 10:47 PM

Well there is also the Sig P238 and the Kimber Micro .380 😉

Mr.Efficiency 08-29-2019 11:06 PM

I do not like the new PPK/s and Iím not fond of the current manufacture.

I have both a Walther Walther PPK in .32 and a blued interarms PPK. Both of mine are impressively accurate at 15 yards. The PPK is a very underrated old gun.

It is too heavy for pants pocket carry, though. Also my Sig P238 shoots circles around it and slips easily in a pocket holster.

I do, from time to time, carry a Walther PPK though and I like it. But itís heavier not as useful and almost always will rub your hand web. Still, itís a bolder.

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93978 08-29-2019 11:12 PM

PPK pocket carry works well for me, but my pocket EDC is a Sig P365 with flat base 10 round mag in an Uncle Mikes number 4.

michaeljessemyers 08-30-2019 12:08 AM

Where is a good place to buy a new PPK, if that's what I end up getting?

Mr.Efficiency 08-30-2019 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by DE Pistole (Post 1209842)
PPK pocket carry works well for me, but my pocket EDC is a Sig P365 with flat base 10 round mag in an Uncle Mikes number 4.

The P365 is one of my choices as well. It is pretty awesome

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Mr.Efficiency 08-30-2019 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by michaeljessemyers (Post 1209846)
Where is a good place to buy a new PPK, if that's what I end up getting?

I would find an older interarms .380 at a show or reputable dealer. Perhaps a friend

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