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Cleaned/Oiled my WW2 PPK today... VERY impressed with workmanship

Just another reason why I love these little guns!!!

I got out one of my matching and better quality (not beater/rusted/refinished) PPKs. It was made just slightly before the war, probably 1939-ish.

Anyway, the slide and frame had very little wear, it doesn't look like it has been shot a lot... but wait... the lands and grooves show a bit more wear...

Of course, the barrel sees a lot of wear as ammo travels down it, and who knows the quality of the ammo used in all these years...

But a few q-tips of cleaning... maybe 20 or so... getting out years of gunk... and man, this thing fits together (slide to frame) incredibly well... Better than most if not all of my modern guns... (BTW, there actually wasn't that much gunk, it wasn't all gunked up, just needed to be cleaned... I never shot it).

Maybe the round count was a bit higher than I originally thought, based on the barrel, but the wear on the rest of the gun was minimal, because the fit/finish was and still is awesome after 80+/- years.

I'm SO impressed with the quality of the "early" PPKs, these things were AND ARE works of art!!!

No pictures (SORRY!) just admiration of an excellent piece of craftsmanship!

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Please post a photo!
A walther enthusiast and collector
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Yes, for sure the design is both elegant art and engineering triumph. Everything about it is very impressive. I have one from 1970 that has suffered severe use and abuse. The original finish is all gone, but the gun appears to be all original matching parts, and it shoots better (tighter groups) than any other gun I own. The only fault it has is that it gets a light primer strike about once per magazine. Second pull of the double action trigger always fires it. It may have a worn spring or just needs more cleaning. The tolerances are very tight, and the action is like silk.

Seems like the older the model, the better? Ahh, the craftsmanship and workmanship that once put these beauties together seems to have slipped a little over the decades.
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Yes indeed, absolutely beautiful little pistols. 1917
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