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erief0g .22
A few "new Walther" questions

So, I'm new here and the gun is new to my girl.

We are at the 450 rounds through the gun so far. We've shot 100 rounds of barnaul silver bear and 350 of LAX "new" 380 ammo. Anyway, since it's very first shot it's been about 4 inches low and 2.5 inches to the left at 7 yards. I was hoping that with some break in the gun would start to creep closer to impacting at the point of aim but I've noticed no change in where it shoots as of yet. Next weekend I intend to put another 200 rounds through it and from there I'll be close to considering the gun "broken in".

The low to the left shooting is the same with four different shooters. The gun does group well so it's just an issue of the sights not being properly set.

My question is this. In your opinion will this gun continue to break in and potentially change it's point of impact with the same sight picture?

Or, is it broken in and I should start looking for ways to fix it?

I'm aware of adjusting the rear sight in the dovetail and I have access to a fair gunsmith to affect those changes if I so desire. I haven't come up with a solution to the elevation adjustment as of yet and I haven't brought it up to a smith as I'm still hoping for some improvement as the gun wears a bit.

Thanks for any input or thoughts. Say what you think as I'm asking for opinions and how can your opinion be wrong when it is your own.
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erief0g .22
well, got a few views but no opinions.

Being that I've only shot 450 rounds through the gun I'm going to take some small steps. This week I'll find a few boxes of other ammo to try. Pretty much looking for target rounds and anything but silver bear and HPR FMJ as those are tested. I'm going to stop at the local shop where I purchased the gun and get his opinion and offer to let him shoot it and get another persons opinion.

Perhaps he'll offer to tap the windage adjustment to the right a bit but regardless of that it will be an information stop and a box of ammo to go.

I will update next week to give some input on what I've found and I'll put some pics up so we can see exactly where it's hitting at with distance stated.
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searcher451 .22
Trying other brands of ammo is an excellent idea, provided you can find them.

Having someone else fire the pistol to see where it shoots for them also is an excellent idea. You might want to ask several someones, folks who you know to be good good (or better) marksmen.

Looking at the manual carefully to determine Walther's recommended sight images also is a good idea.

Posting some targets also would provide us with a look at what you are currently doing; that might be of interest.

Hope that helps a bit.
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Old 08-06-2014, 06:25 PM   #4
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erief0g .22
well. I've shot two other loads on top of the silver bear barnaul and the hpr fmj's. Now I've added a reman ammo from ohio called TS precision and some CCI aluminum case FMJ. I picked up a box of the remington HTP hollow point XTP's but have yet to shoot them. I'm at 500 rounds through the gun with no change in point of impact. I've now dropped the gun off at the local dealer where it was purchased and with it I dropped off five rounds of each ammo type I have. He states he will put the gun in a rest and take shots to verify where the gun hits. I should have some input from him tomorrow and will detail my experience as I find time.
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erief0g .22

I took the gun to the store where it was purchased. He set the gun in a rest and fired multiple shots at 7 yards with multiple kinds of ammo.

Comes back with a nice group dead center vertically and only 2" low. Much better than myself, my girl, or my father was able to do with the gun. He called smith and wesson and they have a lower front sight which is on the way and the shop said they would put it on for free.

So far things are progressing. I'll try and get another 100-200 rounds through the gun to see if I can replicate the accuracy with further testing and upon the new front sight coming in I'll update as well.
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MacCool .22
Personally, I'm not a believer in gun "break-in", except maybe for function.

My wife, years ago would shoot her PPS low and left. She was anticipating the shot. Some instruction and some practice and she's pretty much dead on now. Here's a technique chart I got from Louis Awerbuck.

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erief0g .22
thanks macCool. I know that my XDS shoots the same it did day one compared to now with about 1500 rounds through it.

With the insight of the gun fired from rest I know feel that the weapon does indeed fire low but anything more than 2" low at 7 yards is most likely some human error. We will be going to the range and working on mechanics and training to see if we can bring things more inline and once the sight comes in we'll work some more
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