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My PK380

Just wanted to share some pics of how I carry my PK380 now that I'm in a wheelchair.
Using a holster has become a problem since I've been in a wheelchair, so I tried the clipdraw and I love it. Now I can carry in ways that are easier. I also added an aftermarket green laser/flashlight combo that doest come on all the time and doesnt add to much bulk. I also added grip tape. For now I'm very satisfied with the feel and handling. I used my .380 laser bore sighter to sight the laser and it was off by less than 1/2 inch at 20 yards. Please feel free to ask what you like.
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Glad to see someone else carrying their PK380. I carry mine in this Desantis Cozy Partner. Like your set up! Thanks for the info.
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Just an update
I got the Galloway Precision capture guide rod and mag extension.
No problems with the guide rod at all.
I have read how sloppy the fit of the mag extension is and found out a quick fix for it. I moved the set scew hole to the other side and moved it 1/8 of an inch toward the front of the extension. I used a 1/32 drill bit to start and finished with a slightly tapered diamond dremel bit for a precise fit of the set screw. Now it's nice and tight with no wiggle at all.
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My wife had a PK380. She sold it to a neighbor because she thought it was to heavy/large for her purse. I personally think it was the sweetest shoot gun that I have ever fired. I've tried to buy it back from our friend, but she loves it.
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I have tried several other pistols, but y PK380 remains my preferred carry pistol. It ticks most of the boxes that interest me: DA/SA, Hammer fired, Paddle Magazine release (I prefer this due to arthritis in my thumb), and no "safe trigger" (putting a safety on the face of the trigger).

Yes, I would like a real decocking lever, a slide release, a takedown lever, and, of course, a double-stack magazine. However, perfect doesn't exist. With all of that, it comes the closest to what I want.

The HK P30 is close, but having one, I find it a bit too heavy for a carry pistol.
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