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Hold on to your PPK/S

Word around the camp fire is that the floods in Fort Smith Arkansas has caused a lot of damage to the facilities that produce the frames and assemble the slides of the POK/S.
Your new Ppk's will become more difficult to obtain.
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I have not checked it today but the Walther facility is quite the distance from the river.
*He says hopefully as his 2019 PPK is there pending repair*
And they sent me an email yesterday saying they got it so...
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I talked to head of customer service. No flooding, some employees are having to drive longer distances due to flooded roads and some have houses in low areas. This was a few days ago. 1917
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PPK-Doxies .22
I've THOUGHT ABOUT pICKING UP THE black fs 2019 ppk/S AFTER I RECOVER from my "divorce" but really think that a blued PP in .380 will do it for me.

My PPK/s from 1985 sports this new rubber beavertail ..and so a PP should be no problem if It wants to bite me
as well.https://ibb.co/ynsFkcs

I've had more than few .380s and my PPK/s is my favorite above all, even if it's not as small and light as a LCP II, the mag doesn't fall out everytime I shoot it!

I'm selling my unfired PPK/s .22 and my ex-wife's unfired XD MOd 2 trit model 9mm..

Then I'll be able to clear up the rest of my $1,299 denture bill.
My then wife was not worth staying married to in order to inherit that AC P38..L) Walther Collector, Idaho

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