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DukeIronHand .22
Thank you sir.
P99 AS, P99C AS, PPQ Q5 SF, PPQ M2 (.45), PPK/S (2019 Stainless and Black), PPK/S (.22)
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kensmith .22
Originally Posted by DukeIronHand View Post
Thank you sir.
your welcome, sir
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Robinch .22
Some how I missed these posts concerning grease on the pk380. I use Lucas gun grease which is the same as their marine grease. I have information from their msds if anyone is interested. I also had problems using grease when I installed the captive springs. I use a small amount (very thin coat) on the barrel exterior where I was noticing some scratches, and very little on the slide. Gun wouldn’t return to battery! Removed the grease and the PK functioned normally with the captive springs. I have gone back to the original springs and continue to use a very thin coat of grease as described above. PKs back to normal.
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Bigborgel .22
When I got my 380 about a month ago, I applied Slick 2000 EWG to it's rails and the barrel nose. Next time out, it stopped working after about 30 rounds. I cleaned it when I got home, and just used Slick 2000 lube very sparingly, and it ran like a champ.

It's nothing like my Sig P238, which seems to love being doused in grease.

Live and learn....
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