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/dev/null Unproven
Got mine yesterday and installed it last night. *It looked new and clean until I looked at the windage and elevation adjustments under a magnifying glass. *They appear well worn. *

Even refurbished I'm happy with the deal. *They have a one year warranty. * Also there is installation and sighting documentation on the inside of the cardboard backing. *It took me tweaking two sets of inserts to get the puppy parallel with the slide. *I'm not planning on removing it any time soon.

Now I just need to get it to the range!
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Bruz Unproven
Dev, proud of you! Not an easy job!? Have to look at my package, did not see any instructions with mine. How did you discover they are refurbished? What distance did you site yours in at?
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/dev/null Unproven
I don't know for sure if they are refurbished. I'm just guessing based on the look of the adjustments. The ends on mine looked marred like the wrong size allen wrench had been used in the past. I then look at them under a magnifying glass and they were definitely not pristine like you would expect a factory new bolt. My wrench worked on them just fine.

I just rough sighted my in at 10 yds (roughly the distance from my kitchen table to family room wall) by looking at the sight picture free hand and adjusting the laser accordingly until the laser dot was covered by my front sight. Still haven't shot it yet to see how well that method works. I expect to have to tweak it some at the range.
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