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Yup... UE is right about the roll marks...a P99c

Here is mine but it is marked as such:

Here is my P99:

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Spr95skt .22
I'm new to the Forum. I purchased a P99 AS 9mm and really like the way it shoots. I have been looking for a P99 C AS 9mm with no luck. Will they be made available at some time or discontinued?

Thanks, Jim

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Originally Posted by Spr95skt View Post
I'm new to the Forum. I purchased a P99 AS 9mm and really like the way it shoots. I have been looking for a P99 C AS 9mm with no luck. Will they be made available at some time or discontinued?

Thanks, Jim

It appears the most recent batch of NIB compacts sold off about 2 or 3 years ago. I don't think anyone has anything that states that it has officially been discontinued, but the release of the PPQsc doesn't bode well for the P99C, IMO. For what it's worth the fullsize was almost impossible to find NIB not too long ago and now they are everywhere.

Your best bet is to track the auction sites. I see them come up on places like gunbroker fairly often.
Currently I see a Smith and Wesson/Walther SW99c in 9mm available (with the AS trigger). Price seems a bit high, but it appears to be in excellent condition.

Just keep in mind the SW99C has the 'ski jump' on the trigger guard as well as a shorter magazine release. The SW99C also does not the accessory attachment point. It's more like an early model P99.

I also see a couple of P99c pistols in 9mm currently on the site, but they are the QA/quick action trigger.
If you're willing to consider .40 cal, there are still some retailers selling them NIB for $299.

I would say that I find the P99 (and especially the compact) to be fairly snappy in 9mm. If you have similar feelings you might be disappointed with the 40.

In any case don't despair. If you're patient I have no doubt you can find a decent price on a used one... and if you're really patient you might just find that Walther surprises us with a new batch.

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I'm considering my first Walther (99 AS) larger than a .22, to add to my Sigs, CZ and .380 Makarov.

Quite frankly, I now buy gun types which were used by the various German police departments etc in recent decades, whether Landes- or Staatspolizei. We just returned from Nuremberg (Polizei in the Hbf had the HK P30), which increased the desire to own a more modern handgun.

** Were/Are recent P99 AS both manufactured And assembled in Germany, or do they have German-made components which are assembled in the US?
This might not even matter to me, but am very curious.

Any new gun Might not be used as a primary carry, but mostly for variety at the private club (MSSA: Memphis) on metal gongs.
The 99 AS' "DA/SA" function of the striker --in case it were carried-- would have more in common with my other handguns, regarding training, carry or just simple fun.

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All P99s, with one exception, are totally made in Germany. Only the SW99 and some very early 40s were made/assembled in the US. Some will have an S&W roll mark on the slide as Smith was the importer. Some very early ones, like one of mine, have an Interarms roll mark.
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