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stevenoreen .22

Thanks for the information, where do you buy them at?

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zenner22 Unproven
Interesting, I've never had a jam with any of my Walther P99 or P99 Compact or PPS. They just eat everything including hollow points.
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I buy them in a local gun store ( In Austria it is strictly forbidden to send ammunition via post or an other parcel service, so there is no other possibility than picking it up personally.

in the gun club I heared about the problems with the old Geco 9mm ammunition. But neither of them has a Walther pistol. So I don't expect problems using the old Geco's in a P99, but I wanted to show up that there must be more differences between the old and the new Geco's than the color of the box.

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paddywonka .22
Have shot Winchester, S&B, Gold Dot, Blazer, NATO 124gr, Fiocchi, & even some Wolf steel case, and never had a failure of any kind in my 99 or 99c.
After firing some 200 plus rounds of Remington 124 grain Golden Sabre
(non plus P) in both Walthers, have decide on that rounds as my carry choice. Very accurate. Love these Walthers!
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Thunderbirdsport302 .22
The PPQ is a phenomenal range gun. I'm not physically big enough to conceal a PPQ during summer ( i tend to get stared at when in a poncho, ala Clint Eastwood style from the Spaghetti Westerns LOL) so I carry a PPS as my EDC. Lucky me, I have my choice of caliber too. I prefer the .40, but about every third day I take the new 9mm out.

I want to add a P99 (actually about 4, to be honest) to my collection.
One of these days...

I just brought home a 24-gun safe last night...I don't have that many in all, but I have some old family pictures, coins, jewelry, and other irreplaceable stuff to put in it.

So far, I've ran Aguila, Winchester, Federal, and a few Remington Golden Saber through my 9mm PPS. Last night I had the first problem, a fail to feed. I wasn't limp wristing, or horsing around, just a steady pace of firing. I squeezed the trigger, and it clicked. I immediately dropped the mag, and went to clear the gun, to my surprise, the chamber was empty.
After a quick but thorough visual check, I put the mag back in, loaded a round, and resumed firing. No other issues.

My co-worker was with me, he had his 9mm pistol, (non-Walther ) and during his session immediately before mine, he also had the exact same issue.

The ammo was PPU, which is a Serbian-made brand. I've ran it through my .40 PPS as well as my PPQ (also .40) and never had one single issue.

Other than that, the PPU ammo is a decent bullet, the hollowpoints in .40 are 180gr and in my backyard "tests" they seemed to expand well in a variety of targets. Sand, dirt from my garden, both loose and hard packed. I also shot a car door propped against a bale of straw, with cardboard behind the door to try to get a rough idea of the amount of expansion. I've also shot 1-gallon water jugs, with and without denim in front.

The PPU brand nearly always expanded. The car door didn't seem to faze it, it punched right through and hadn't expanded too much before hitting the cardboard. In hard packed dirt, I was getting between 8 and 14 inches of depth. One actually put a crack in the bottom of the bucket that was holding the dirt.

I'm planning for a battery of tests in a few weeks of some 9mm ammo. Buying my safe pretty well tapped me of gun/toy funds for awhile.
The wife agreed to the gun safe since it was my birthday last Sunday, and I have been wanting to get an actual safe and not just a metal "locker" to put my stuff in. At night, my PPQ stays with a full mag and an empty chamber on my nightstand, while my EDC pistols stay in a lockbox on the floor next to my bed. I've tempted fate far too long merely keeping my long guns in a closet with trigger locks and/or the bolts removed and locked away in small pistol box. The ammo is kept high on a shelf in the basement (humidity isn't an issue thanks to one large dehumidifier and a small unit in the area of the ammo)

I've got kids, 4 years and 3 years. While I've educated them on gun safety great deal, I can't rely on luck to keep them from possibly getting access.

Anywho, this post o'mine got WAY off topic, for that I apologize, and let's get us back to 9mm ammo in these fine pistolen, shall we?
"Oh, you don't like guns? You probably won't like me either, then, and I'm perfectly okay with that.."

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Originally Posted by stevenoreen View Post
Thanks for all the information, I had never heard of Geco. Has anyone used Magtech or Aguila?
1000s of magtech, 100s of Aquila of 115gr and 124gr. Never a problem.

Aquila is Mexican made Winchester.

Sorry, did not notice the age of this thread.
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