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rvr350 .22
Gen1 rubbing trigger finger

I have a split trigger model and i find it rubbing my trigger at the last stage of trigger travel. I think i am rubbing the left mag release. It is a very low round gun, is it the issue or something else i can do? Thanks.

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balance .22
If it is the shape of the trigger, that can be changed. If it is the mag release lever sticking up a bit from the frame, that can be shaved down a bit. If it is the "ski-hump" in the trigger guard that is put there to stop gloves from going under the trigger, that can be shaved down as well.

My suggestion is to first pinpoint what is causing your finger discomfort. Then report back.
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PPS1980 .22
As Balance said, there are at least 3 possibilities. If its the mag release paddle on one side you can gently heat it and decrease the degree of curve to match the trigger guard.
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BlitzPig .22
I have that problem with "ski jump" equipped pistols.

I very lightly polished the top off my Gen 1 P99, problem solved. My HK 45, however, required the entire glove protector to be removed, and the edges of the groove in the bottom of the trigger guard that the trigger moves through to be sanded and polished smooth.

I don't know why the German manufacturers thought these things were a good idea, but for my personal ergonomics they simply don't work.
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