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MattB .22
.40/9mm - frame differences?

I have a Gen1 P99 in .40S&W, and I’ve kicked around the idea of a 9mm conversion. From what I’ve read, conversion barrels are not always an ideal solution due to differences in the slide and extractor. However, if I were able to find a complete 9mm P99 Gen1 slide and barrel assembly, could I put it on my .40 frame with no issues? Not sure where I’d find a P99 upper, but I’m curious if it would work.
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balance .22
The ejector is part of the sear housing, which is installed in the frame. The 9mm and .40 ejectors are different.
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cslater .22
Jarvis makes a 9mm conversion barrel for the .40sw P99.I have used the P99 9mm and it is a very accurate barrel.It should work -all you need to do is swap barrel and the magazine.I am not 100% confident that the 40 cal mag will feed the 9mm 100%
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Robbins290 .22
Been tempted with this also. Tho the P99 did not fit my hand that good. If they still had the full size for that price, i would have jumped on it.
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