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08-10-2002 04:26 PM

Hello all, I have a chance to purchase a mint P88 compact. Asking price is $800. Seems like a good deal to me. I have handled the gun and it is in excellent shape. It has two 10rnd mags. What do all think?

Eddie C. 08-17-2002 08:00 AM

Hi Zorn, I have never owned the P88c but I hear it is a great gun. I've been checking the auction sites and $800.00 seems like a good price. I've seen many of them over $900.00. The reason I know this is because I just purchased a new P88 full size and was looking at prices for the last month. You can get the hi-cap mags for them also, I've seen quite a few places advertise them. So if you decide to purchase the gun and down the road you want more than 10 shots (11 with one in the pipe) you can have 14 shots (15 with one in the pipe). I just bought a couple of hi-caps for the full size gun. Good luck and if you decide to get the gun let me know. Also PM me if you want to know where to get the hi-caps. Eddie.

Val 09-02-2002 01:43 AM

Hi, I'm a dealer and I sell lots of different Walther Pistols each week. $800 for a nice P88 Compact is a very fair price and a good buy on a great gun,it is also in line with what I have sold them for recently.

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