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How stout is the P5 Compact locking block

The P5 Compact locking block looks pretty robust in comparison to the 92FS. That being said, is there an expected service life out of this locking block? Would it be wise to have a spare locking block if it's shot often? Or would the pistol frame crack way before the locking block fails? (as mentioned on this forum)

Any interchangability to the other Walther locking block pistols or is this a proprietary part unique to the compact?
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The P5 and P5C locking blocks are identical. They are unique and not interchangeable with other models such as the P38.

Ordinarily they do not need replacement and will last the life of the pistol. If one breaks, you replace it and don't worry about it.

P38 locking blocks were selectively fitted at the factory from a range of sizes to compensate for manufacturing tolerances in the slide and barrel. An experienced fitter does it by feel and with gauges to check headspace. I don't know if Walther did the same for P5 and P5C production.

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