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Off-topic: In the course of time, many options have been brought to the market to convert the Walther P5 into a trainingsweapon. It's a collecting area on its own to collect all these available variations (FX, UTM, Airmunition etc).

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Originally Posted by DennisV View Post
Hi uncut,

Congrats with your finding.

Just one remark...the P5 training barrel on my website does not miss any parts..its a different (later) variation. My barrel functions on the standard springs that are present in any P5. It is adviced to remove one of the two springs to achieve proper recoil.

I stand corrected.... I looked at the picture again and noticed the "pin" that prevents the floating chamber from turning....
I did not know there was FX barrels for the P5... I know there has been plenty of other training barrels for Walther guns just not the P5
If there is a FX barrel, would you please hare the info since that ammo is available here is the USA

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Simunition has an instruction leaflet that refers to a Walther P5 Fx trainings barrel. I do have pictures of a FX barrel somewhere, but I cannot find them at the moment.

This is btw a picture of a closed package of the blue trainings ammo. DAG apparently also made this stuff..

Speaking about difficult ammo to find.....this ammo is really ridiculously difficult and expensive to find (at least in my neck of the woods)


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The plastic training ammo was very common with German police in 9mm pistols and I used to have boxes of that stuff in 9mm Luger and 7,65 Browning.

The West German military used the PT ammo for the G3 with a special bolt for recruits to pre-qualify to shoot the G3 with live ammo. It is a long, long time ago that I had fired the first rounds through the G3 but I seem to recall that we shot the PT ammo at 50 meters, that it had almost no recoil and was very accurate. We shot at small targets that fell when they were hit. The PT ammo is quite a bit more powerful than SIMUNITION with the paint.
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Would have been cheaper to just buy the new Federal Syntech ammo (lipstick ammo) to practice with. =D
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