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kimberyote .22
Testing high dollar ammo

I looked, and I did not see a thread about testing high end ammo in the P22Q.
So I did.
SK: HV HP did ok. Better than the pistol match ammo.
Eley Edge: Good groups, ut with fliers.
SK Flat Nose: About the same as the eley.
Lapua Center X: Not too good.
Lapua Midas: Homerun.
All of these cycled good w/no jams.
So yeah, the most expensive ammo shoots the best sucks, but al least it shoots great! I was ready to throw mine in the creek it was grouping so bad.
Yes, CCI min mags did shoot good, but not w/o fliers.
All were shot with 10 round mags loaded up.
I double tested the Midas. it's bad A$$ in my P22Q!
Cheers! Hope this helps!
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1917-1911M .38
About the only thing I saw different in high end target ammo was fewer flyers. 5" barrel version. Of course in competition that would be very important. Crete put up a chart of groups from an number of ammo varieties including top of the line Eley and one variety of Federal hung right with it. These were all fired out of high end target pistols. Are you shooting the 3.4" barrel? It is ok for plinking....the 5" barrel is much more accurate. My old P22, 2007, would put five rounds in a 5/8" group from 25M when installed in a rest. The 3.4" barrel...not so much, call it 2" to 3".. 1917
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Old 12-30-2019, 01:20 AM   #3
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Crete .22
Exclamation Do not underestimate the rim size that fits your handgun when ammo is selected

Please keep in mind that each and every rim fire pistol or rifle requires the correct headspace.

Each ammo brand makes LRs with a slightly different headspace. In LRs that is the rim size: a thin rim will make the bullet jump into the rifling, while a thicker rim will not or it may depending on which rim size (or mark on a gauge, in mm or fractions of an inch) your particular model shoots best, regardless of the ammo cost.

When the bolt is closed all LRs seem the same. They are not. Even cheap ammo like the CCI Blazer may look the same as Federal Champion, but the Blazer has a consistent rim size, from batch to batch and from Lot # to Lot#.

My P22 for instance likes the CCI Blazer rim size for some reason or other.

When I use Federal Champion my shots are all over the place. The rim size of that brand does not suit my handgun, as it is firstly different than that of Blazers and secondly it varies from one bullet to another widely. Rifles are even more fussy than handguns.

And now the funny bit. If I use high end ammo like ELEY Tenex or LAPUA Midas+ that do not match my P22 rim size it prefers, then regardless of other factors being equal that ammo will not work.

It has taken me ages to understand this simple fact. My P22 prefers a rim size, say on mark 3 scale found on the Neil Jones .22 caliber rim gauge. Any (I repeat ANY) mark 3 rimmed LR will shoot in the same point of aim (if I do my part of course).

Shooting a different size like mark 6 rimmed LR will throw the shot. A mark 0 (very thick also). A mark 8 or 9 (very thin rim) too. The mark 3 is therefore what I need plus my skills and a properly maintained rimfire weapon.

Obviously I get my best results with those Lot# ELEY, LAPUA, RWS, Geco, and even FEDERAL if their rim size matches my gun perfectly on a box with a specific Lot#, which I may never find again). A mark 3 of any of these will do the job for me. Your milage may vary. You need to find the size that fits each and every rimfire you own before splashing on ammo. Wolf MT for instance shoots great for some reason. In my P22 it does also. Its rim size is mark 3. Bingo! (SK Standard Plus and SK Pistol also work 100% and they are similar to Wolf MT).
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Old 01-09-2020, 10:44 AM   #4
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1917-1911M .38
I've never heard of these rim gauges. Will have to Google them. What you say makes sense and you should know. Thanks Crete. 1917


Hmmm. Apparently this is one. You set the dial to 0, retract the arm, drop a round in one by one, allow the arm to rest on the rear of the round and that tells you the rim thickness.

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Crete .22
First you need to find out which ammo type works best in your P22 and gives satisfactory accuracy.

Then, the rim size sorting may help a little.

Don't expect spectacular results, but the consistency of the rim sorted LRs that your P22 likes to shoot best will help squeeze better groups.

I did a lot of sorting a few years ago and found out that different P22 slides (I had several crack so I replaced them), have different headspace in my P22 with the same bbl installed (5-inch).

This translates as follows: Using the Neil A. Jones rim size gauge

See link here: RIMFIRE GAUGE

I found that my original slide liked the #3 mark, a gradient found on the moving/sliding bar of the Neil A. Jones set, that I set myself on the gauge, which is adjustable in length/width of LR fodder to the shooter's preference of size classification.

The second P22 replacement slide was shooting the mark #7 best.

The third P22 replacement slide liked the mark #8 or #9, and finally

The fourth P22 replacement slide likes the #3 mark (again).

So far, CCI Blazer and Geco Pistol are both mark #3.

Curiously, Eley Tenex and Lapua Pistol King I tested in the past had also mark #3 rims, as well as SK Standard Plus and Wolf Match Target.

Now, I know in advance that if I use a mark #1/2 or a mark #7/8 rim-sorted ammo, my groups will open up @ 25m/82 yards, offhand, no matter how carefully I take the shot.
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