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Target99 .22
CCI Velocitor .22LR

Has anyone ever used CCI Velocitor .22LR 40gr. in either a rifle or P22? If so, what were your results?
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christak .22
Shoots fine from my Ruger SR22 (with 4.5 inch barrel) and Ruger Mark IV Target... No issues at all...
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Wildtoad .22
Tried them in my PPK/s in .22, a P22 and both worked just fine. Much brighter flash than regular CCI mini mags.

Walther (2009) PPK .380, (2013) PPK/S .22, Ruger (2017) LCP .380, Henry (2017) Mares Leg .22
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MGMike .38

CCI Velociters are, if the published figures can be believed, the closest equivalent to the old Western Super-X High Velocity .22LR as loaded 50 years ago, which was said to drive a 40-grain Lubaloy bullet at a muzzle velocity of 1365 fps from an 18" barrel. Current high velocity loadings from all the major manufacturers, including CCI Mini-Mags, on paper at least, are not that fast. I have not choreographed them, but from practical observation the Velociters are clearly loaded hotter than the usual HV.

There is another peculiarity with Velociters. While the cartridge is the same OAL as usual, the cartridge case itself is longer, so care must be taken to make certain that the rifle or pistol in which it is to be used is chambered deep enough to allow full seating of the cartridge rim against the rear face of the barrel. I've seen some semi-autos that are not-- which leaves a bit of the case head unsupported, which introduces a risk of case rupture or slam-firing.

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1917-1911M .38
I had not noticed that the Velocitor cases were longer than standard long rifle cases. Stingers are noticeably longer. From what I can tell the CCI Velocitor is the most powerful .22 ammo available. It shoots fine from my 3.4" and 5" P22 barrels although I doubt it reaches an extreme velocity out of the short barrel. With a suppressor on a short barrel QD pistol....the round does not eject reliably. Why, I don't know. Too much blowback pressure, slide moving too fast??? Unsuppressed the pistol cycles them fine. I haven't fired over 100 rounds though. I think the problem was ejection problems suppressed. Might have been feeding. I will have to test again. 1917
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1917-1911M .38
BBTI - Ballistics by the Inch :: .22 Results

If you believe the above site has accurate information you can check the velocity and energy of a number of popular .22 rounds including CCI Stinger, Mini Mags and Velocitor. One of the test pistols is a 3.4" P22. The 5" barrel goes to a 1911 version of some manufacture. As I recall the .40 gr Velocitor is 900+ fps out of the P22 and well over 1,000 fps out of a 5" barrel. Other rounds are faster but are not 40 gr and do no have the same energy. The Velocitor round tops the list for energy. Many other calibers are tested as well. 1917
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