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Glickjessef@gmail.com .22
P22 CA


Thank you in advance for any information/ answering my questions !!

So I am in the market for a target pistol for plinking, considering a second hand CA Compliant p22. Is it made in Germany ? Why is it inexpensive ? , is the craftsmanship and quality comparable to a pistol- $200 more ? in the 500 range ? I know it is comparing an apple to an orange 22lr vs 9mm Glock or something, but if I invest 350 on the Walther in 22 I want it to last at LEAST several thousand rounds of enjoyment

Thanks !!

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Gene L .22
I had one. It was quite reliable, but not very accurate in a plinking role. Lightweight and a nice size. I got it because I wanted a threaded one for a can but got rid of it because it lacked accuracy. That's with the suppressor off...couldn't see the sights with the suppressor on.

IRRC, you could get a barrel and slide extension...screwed right into the barrel (?) but I could be wrong about that. I wouldn't recommend it for a plinker or anything like a target pistol. I've got 4 much superior target/plinking .22 pistos, last being a Buckmark. Very suitable. Just my opinion, YMMV.

Edit: Upon reading other replies after I posted this thread, I see there are plenty of threads on this pistol. So review them all. I still wouldn't get one for accuracy. For other uses, the gun shows up in the media in the movie "Dinner Rush." At least I think it's a P22.

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Glick the P22 has been around for years. It is the original, followed by the Ruger SR 22 and the S&W M&P .22 compact. I consider all of them light weight plinkers. I believe the P22 has the best trigger. If you want the target model all that is is a 5" barrel installed on the frame, with a longer barrel sleeve and a barrel stabilizer that also holds the front sight blade giving you a long sight radius. The target model has always cost more than the regular 3.4" barrel model. With exception of the barrels, the pistols are exactly the same.

KYGunCo has recently had the P22 on sale for about $230. The CA model isn't rare but not as common as a regular P22. If you are required to purchase the CA model, all that differs on that pistol is that the barrel nut is red locktited on and doesn't have any wrench lands for removal. CA didn't like the ease of adding a suppressor since all P22 come with a threaded barrel.

At 25 meters the 5" barrel is good for under 1" five round groups. The 3.4" is in the 2" to 3" group. I'm not sure I call that plinking distance. As far as costs go Walther is able to hold manufacturing costs down with a polymer grip, cast zinc frame insert and cast zinc slide. This process is less expensive when compared to milling. I have over 50,000 rounds on one of mine and have shot several over 30,000 rounds before selling or giving them away. The pistol comes with a lifetime warranty. 1917
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