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jkv45 .22
Originally Posted by aeorsyn View Post
why is it stamped carl walther ulm Germany on the right side handgaurd under the ejector port and the other DE stamp
Good question. Honestly, Walther's markings are pretty much meaningless judging from all the contradictions over the years.

I've seen a photo that 1917 has posted of a P22 he owns marked "Ulm/DO", but apparently that doesn't necessarily mean that's where it was produced - just the company headquarters.

If 1917 says they are all the same, and later models are better, I'd go with his recommendation. I don't know of anyone more knowledgeable on the P22.
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I wouldn't say I have it figured out. I think around here when people refer to an Ulm produced gun they are commenting on Walther branded firearms that are steel and follow more than other models with the quality of older firearms. These would be the PPQ, P99 and PPS and they all cost more than the P22, zinc PPK/S, etc. The Umarex guns.

I don't know much about manufacturing. In the old days I see an engineering staff, drafting tables, scales, calipers....down the stairs lots of raw material, in other sections a lot a milling equipment and lines of men working on machining, drilling, filing, polishing, blueing, etc. etc.

I'm wondering about all of this with the P22. Where is the polymer grip injected? Contracted out to someone who specializes in this??? What about the MIM'd parts.....contracted out? The die cast slide. In house or out to someone who specializes in this? As far as I can tell the pistols could be put together by robots....I see no evidence of hand fitting anything. Do all of the parts eventually roll down an assembly line in Ulm or Arnsberg? Are they proofed wherever they best fit the manufacturing timing?

Walther isn't talking and I haven't been to the manufacturing plants.. I put up a link to the patent for the P22 recently. I think para two described the manufacture of the slide/frame as items of uniqueness because they were being die cast from a powdered zinc alloy which allowed a very low cost for producing the parts. There is very little machining on the P22. Most of it is plastic, MIM'd steel or cast. Is there a manufacturing/assembly plant in Ulm and one in Arnsberg? I haven't visited any of them. Who designs the PPQ-P99 and who designs the P22-PK380? 1917
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Exclamation They want if they can, or they can if they want?

It's not as if Walther doesn't have the know-how and the technology to play around with and make anything under the sun, including the top models like this one (pictured in the thumbnail below), which is new for 2019.
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aeorsyn .22
i wonder these questions too. you'd think people working in gun shops would know more about the guns they have in stock.. i suppose in the p22s case concerning these things you have to look past surface level to find out these questions, and even then you only have questions and not answers.

i have a beretta mod 92a1 .177 bb gun from umarex, licensed by beretta.. it's actually probably the best c02 bb gun i've ever owned (even though i've only owned 3 in 30 years). i even broke the auto/semi selector and emailed them, they sent me the part free although responding to the email took 2 and a half weeks lol.
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