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Rules of Engagement for this forum

Basic Rules for the Walther Forums:

We don't have a lot of rules here, but the ones that we do have are important. Please note:

1. Watch your language, in what you write, what you post, photos and emoticons and avatars included. If you wouldn't say it to your mother or grandmother, please don't say it here. That goes for the content of your avatar and signature as well as your posts and threads. It also covers attempts to whitewash your words with #*%(*(#@ and such, along with foreign language efforts.

2. Treat each other with respect. If you disagree with a fellow member's opinion, please keep the discussion civil.

3. Use the default font when you post, which helps makes reading easy and also helps eliminate SHOUTING. And please keep the print black only.

4. Keep your posts and threads gun-related. We don't do straight politics, religion, race, jokes in questionable taste, off-topic rants, racial and ethnic slurs, movie reviews, etc., on this forum. The politics discussions that we do entertain are the politics of firearms. Please refrain from political comments in your posts as well as in your forum signature and avatar. While on the topic of politics, please refrain from name-calling, being cute with a politician's name, etc. We aren't going to win any arguments by resorting to fifth-grade schoolyard tactics ... and we don't do politics anyway.

5. Please refrain from posting the same note in a variety of places. Once is enough. And please keep your WTS items, or your WTT or WTB items, in the appropriate section (The Trading Post) and not sprinkled throughout various threads in the regular forum, trying to drum up business. One bite of the apple is what you get here.

6 Please don't copy/quote lengthy posts and large or numerous photos in a reply that says "I agree" or "Nice job." Snip the appropriate portions of a previous comment and use just that piece. Bandwith is like clean water: It's worth saving. If you want to comment on a member's post, snip the portion that you are addressing and let the rest of it go. If you don't need to snip anything, better yet. If you spot an mod's edit with a note regarding bandwidth in the explanation, look to here again. Thanks.

6.5. If you are posting through your smart phone or a tablet, please shut off the advert that indicates you are posting through your smart phone or tablet. Avoiding clutter, and getting to the heart of the matter, and not forcing fellow members to read through an advertisement for phone or tablet apps and software, is our primary goal here. Thanks again.

7. Please respect the copyright requirements of publications when referencing source material. An easy way to handle it, and keep the forum out of legal hot water at the same time, is to post a link and a quick summary of the article in question.

8. If you are a vendor and want to use the Walther Forums to sell your wares, from holsters to add-ons to whatever, please refrain from soliciting business in your posts and threads and contact the site's administrator (bman505, Brandon or 4Nines, Doug) for information about becoming a Supporting Vendor. It's OK for business owners who are not sponsors to answer questions and/or be active on the forum; we simply ask that you refrain from using the forum to sell or promote your products. At the same time, if you have something to sell or want to buy an item, take it to the Trading Post section of the forum or to PM; please keep the discussions advert-free.

9. Finally, enjoy yourself here. The forum is designed for Walther owners and potential owners, and for gun owners in general, to share knowledge and information and tips and resources. The friendlier the atmosphere, the better your experience will be.


Your Walther Forums team
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Based on some recent events, plus some PMs from members who have questions or comments, we've settled on the following additions and explanations to the forum's administrative rules and community guidelines. Please note:

Member Accounts: One account per user is allowed, period. Do not register multiple accounts; the use of alternate nicknames and accounts is unacceptable. Re-registering under another name while your account has been suspended for forum violations is grounds for a permanent ban.

Stay on topic: Every thread has a topic; please stick to it. If you think that a tangent is on order, open a new thread. Follow the moderatorís instructions when directed to keep on track. If you disagree or want to further discuss the issue, send a Personal Message (PM); do not argue the point in open forum.

No trolling: Starting threads on controversial topics simply to generate an argument is strictly forbidden. Do not post messages specifically intended to get a rise out of others. In addition, bullying other members, personal attacks on other members or staff, and the use of derogatory terms will not be tolerated. This includes political discussions that fall beyond the scope of proposed gun legislation.

Personal Discussions: This is a group discussion forum. Please refrain from interrupting a thread with personal conversations and/or chit-chat with another member; take it to PM instead. Personal discussions may be removed from the board at the moderatorís discretion.

Confidentiality: You may not re-post private messages or emails between forum users, moderators, or forum staff without the consent of the sender(s), either in PMs or on the actual forum. Please alert a moderator if you are in receipt of such a message.

Starting Threads: The initial post in a thread is automatically moderated; removal of that post will delete the entire thread. If a member starts a thread by mistake, a moderator should be notified immediately so that the post can be reviewed and deleted if appropriate.

Spamming: Spamming is a thread or post that contributes nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: advertisements that are not located in the Trading Post section, empty posts, and posts with few words that have no relation to the current thread. Posting the same message across several threads is also considered Spam. This determination is made by the forum Moderators or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

Trading Post: Ads published in the Trading Post will not be deleted simply because the item is no longer for sale. When an item is sold or is no longer available, please notify a moderator to close the thread. Do not delete the content of the initial post. The reasons for this are many, including offering future members a way to track asking prices for specific items.

Moderator Edits: No one likes to edit posts, but it sometimes happens. Language violations, politics, rants, repeated information, and personal attacks are among the reasons. If you believe that an edited thread or post was misinterpreted, moved to the wrong section, wrongly closed, or otherwise poorly handled by a moderator, please send a PM stating your concerns and recommendations for a quick fix. It's best to keep the note friendly vs. confrontational. Remember:

ē Do not argue or discuss a moderatorís decision, instruction, or warning on the open forum.
ē If you post in an existing thread or begin a new thread that is subsequently moved and you can no longer find your contribution, please send a PM to a moderator before re-posting or starting a duplicate of the original topic.
ē Should a moderator edit your post, which sometimes happens, you may not remove those edits or notes. Moderators and administrators hold the right of closing or deleting a thread that they believe is inappropriate. Once a topic is closed, members are not allowed to start new ones with the same topic.

Backseat Moderating: Only moderators are authorized to perform any editing, deletion, or post relocation. If you believe that a post and/or thread is disruptive or breaks forum rules, please report it to a moderator by PM or via the Report function. Do not respond publicly or try to call out a member in another post. Impersonating a moderator or other staff member is grounds for an immediate ban. This includes issuing directions, warnings, or threats to ban other members.

Warnings and Bans: Moderators may issue warnings and/or temporary bans based on violations of the forumís rules. A ban is a period of suspension during which a member is not allowed to participate in the forums. Bans are usually implemented after fair warning is delivered by a moderator via PM. The length of the suspension can run from a short-term cooling-off period to a permanent ban, depending on the number and/or severity of the offense(s). Users who violate rules after returning from a short ban, or who consistently violate the rules, may have the ban reinstated for a longer period or permanently.
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