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Jvunak .22
PPS M1 vs PPS M2

Hello. New to the forum. I've been looking for the PPS M1(classic), but I'm having a hard time finding one. I'm starting to think about getting the PPS M2, think this might just be easier. Any input on which is actually better? Or opinions on either one. I don't know how long it would take to find the M1, but not really sure if I would like the M2 better. Thanks for any input.
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Here ya go. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/829383284

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I have not ever held a PPS1 Classic in my hand. I do own a PPS M2, and it has the best ergonomics of any of the pistols I have owned. Those were all 9MM and include: M&P 9C, S&W DD9VE, Ruger Lc9s, Beretta 92FS, Ruger American C, Springfield SDX, M&P Shield.

Before I bought my PPS M2 I read every review I could find and every video from a credible reviewer onYou Tube. While a few who had a classic preferred it the reason was commonly they preferred the changeable back straps, the paddle magazine release, or the rail. All things I did not care about and do not miss.

The M2 is solid with good weight, and there is no play in the side. It is very accurate, easy to take down. and has eaten every round I put through it. That is over 1,000 rounds without any type of failure. However do not shoot the inexpensive white box kinds of ammo.

I recommend you check out YouTube for comparison reviews of it against other smaller 9s.
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Jvunak .22
Thanks for the input. I've looked at the PPS M2, fits like a glove. For some reason, I like the paddle release and thinner grip on the M1. Never held an M1. But the grip looks just like my Glock, which I love.
Thanks for the links. I was trying to find the PPS M1 locally, that way I can handle it, see if I like it. Don't really want to get into a bidding war. Especially when the PPS M2 is very reasonably priced online. But I've never bought one online, would be a new process for me. Thanks again.
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czsuby .22
Welcome from South Carolina. Good luck with your search.
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Classic vs M2?

I'll bite!

One is an out of production masterpiece with many features that guns of it's size and capacity didn't have in when it hit the market.

Then, they dumbed it all the hell down, made it it look like a damned PPQ, and called it an M2.

As far as guns all looking alike.....sheesh. What are they trying to be...Glock 2.0?
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Jan whitaker .22
Really like the m1. never had the m2 but I like the paddle release.
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