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Walther's 2017 $400,000 Contigency Program

This is pretty interesting. Get paid some serious money for shooting Walther.

Contingency Program - Walther Arms
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Not for shooting, but winning a Division/Class or finishing in 2nd place. At the USPSA Level 3 and up matches, where competition is the stiffest.

I think they are fairly safe knowing they aren't going to be paying out at quite a few levels. I'm also a little surprised that they aren't running it like STI did their contingency program and a few other companies do. Buy a jersey for $70, have your picture taken with the gun, trophy, and in jersey to get paid.

Good for Walther though, some grass roots investment, doesn't cost them a whole lot, and get's some nice visibility. Especially with Sig dropping the "amateur team".

Gut feeling, of the $400k potential, I'd wager they pay out less than 10k in prizes (not really sure Walther's presence in IDPA these days, since I haven't shot it in years) and they'll probably spend more in advertising it.

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Contingency programs come from the marketing budget, and it makes sense.

Print/TV/gun show advertising gets product views. Contingency marketing gets proven results and personal word of mouth advertising.

The top competitors are not going to to use a product they can't win with. Newbs looking to buy pay attention to who's using what and to what is winning. The lemming effect is strong.
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I signed up for Texas State - CCP EX division. Some stiff competition for sure, but won SS in 2015 (albeit with my Wilson ULCC ). That got me bumped to EX but still managed a 2nd Place CCP EX at Lone Star last year - with my Wilson Pro Lightweight). Now that gun is illegal in CCP.

I will try it with my PPQ M1 and see how it goes. Most shooters in CCP are shooting Glock 19s they have tricked out. The PPQ just makes the cut in the CCP changes for 2017.
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IDPA is where it might work.....

USPSA Carry Optics, having to have at least 6 people in class seems to limit it. I mean there are 6 people signed up for CO in Area 4 this year, much less 6 in a certain class. Pretty much means no potential payout in CO at all. I didn't look at the other Area matches, but I suspect it'll be hit or miss, with Optic's Nats being the real potential.

Now Production division? Different story, but again, top end competition is pretty tough, I don't know too many people competing with Walther products above the A/B level.
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Yes, this is a great idea. Which, unfortunately, are matches I'm not able to attend. I did shoot the Great Lakes Regional, albeit with my FNH (hey, I just bought the PPQ). I'm signed up for the MI State Match in August, and if I can get enough time in with the PPQ that's certainly an option.

And find a decent holster.
And scrape up enough coin for another mag....
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