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Do you shoot stock?

Came across something JJ Racaza asked about people shooting a bone stock gun, and it was pretty interesting.

(For that don't know, JJ is a GM (Top 20) level Open Gun USPSA Shooter)

How many people here compete in the production division with a completely stock gun?

No, after market products installed, no work done on triggers, no grip tapes, no modification what so ever...

I hear it plenty of times out there that people shoot a stock gun, but then spent a few hundred dollars on trigger, new barrel and stippling on their grips.

My point is, you do not need a terribly expensive modified gun to shoot competitions and be competitive. It's all about honing in your skills in fundamentals and marksmanship - the basic things. I'm very new to the production division, so I am shooting a purely stock gun that you can find in shelves to learn this game from the ground up. Once my skills are better, maybe I may upgrade and dive into the world of after market things. But for now I have to work on me first.

I am fortunate to be able to shoot and compete at the highest level in the open division. In which a pistol can cost you upwards of $5k. Shooting a gun with everything on it, does not make you a better shooter. It just exposes you to the next level and the possibilities. And if you keep trying to chase and push to that next level by never working on your fundamentals (foundation) then all you'll do is develop a ton of bad habits.

Would you build your house, starting with the roof first?

Once you hone your skills in and develop from the ground up, you can slowly upgrade your parts or gun.

Just my thought.

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?
-JJ Racaza
I addressed it in a blog but it still has me thinking. I think he is spot on with what he is saying, and I don't think enough people focus on fundamentals, but end up with a temporary crutch that ends up hindering them down the road.

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I grew up shoot NRA JR matches when I was twelve, indoor small bore. Our club had CMP Remington 513's....stock everything. Shooting one 523 one week did not guarantee you would have the same gun next week. Our jackets and slings were used and club owned. It really taught me discipline and the appreciation of the tool I was using.

When my dad gave me a used BSA Martini Mark III for my sixteenth birthday, I was ecstatic. It was stock, but my scored went up due to a heaver gun and an overall better tool. I understood the fundamentals and appreciate what I have learned.

Good article - thanks for posting it.


What new gun my Dear, this old thing?
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There's really no universal answer here.
People buy what they want, they do what they want, regardless of how much 'sense' it may make.

Decisions at B, C and D are different than at A, M and GM. Shoot the gun you want until you believe it's holding you back in some way, or more likely, you just 'feel you want something different.' The more change you subject yourself (or your guns) to, the more likely you'll need some amount of re-training to get back up to par.

I think it's mostly a moot point until you're an A level shooter or beyond. Chances are it's not the gun 'holding you back,' but yourself. Having said that, find a gun that is comfortable to you and go shoot. For many, that means stock with some trigger work or connector, maybe some grip tape, sights. Done. For others, it may mean shooting that HiPoint until they can save up and buy a Glock, M&P, whatever.

If the point is fundamentals vs constant change, or throwing parts at a gun to make you 'competitive,' I'd go with fundamentals and practice, but allow that some amount of minor changes are fine..just part of making the gun comfortable to you.

My Glock has sights, a polished - connector, and a stronger trigger spring. It does have a KKM barrel, but not from necessity or want, just because it started it's life as a factory 19C, which you generally can't shoot in competition.

My PPQ has 'half sights' (front FO, stock rear). I may add grip tape at some point, and will replace the sights in full once a setup I like becomes available. That's it;done.

Either of those should be enough, IMO, to get me to B class (once I eventually do more USPSA vs local club matches). I could make it slightly easier by going to a G34 or a 5" PPQ, but it's not the equipment slowing me down at this point, so - why would I?

Having said that, were I shooting in Open Class for 3 gun, I might consider adding an RMR onto a pistol, as I'm already 'paying the price' to shoot in that class, so might as well reap some of the 'benefits.'
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Old 02-10-2014, 07:50 PM   #4
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that is my thinking too, I compete against my self, I rather do a mistake or have equipment failure, holsters ammo etc. in a match and be able to correct it, than in a real shooting, I compete with what I use in the real world.
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I shoot stock guns. My CZ-75 SP01 is dead stock the way it came from the factory. Managed to take the local USPA limited category with it a year or two back. It is not the bow and arrow, it is the indian.
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