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If it is a worthy investment will depend also on future legislation and transferability but I think that the current market conditions are a good time to stock up.
I have my spare mags organized in drawers in Bisley steel cabinets and one look showed me, that I could use a few more AR mags. My sons dug in heavily into my old GI surplus stash. I have more Hammerli International spare magazines than AR mags!
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No doubt, good investment. Even if you have "enough" nothing wrong having extras in the event they are needed. Or to trade or sell.
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Wisdom from Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch.
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Originally Posted by Vandal320 View Post
Wisdom from Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch.

I like this guy, could be a Texas thing.
I can't understand the dislikes on his vids, I guess these idiots can't comprehend the reality of FACTS not caring about their FEELINGS!

Methinks the topic of ammo quantities should be discussed in a thread on mag quantities. With a distinction between FMJ & JHP types.

I recall some here finding it odd that I ordered 1k rounds of 168gr Hornady Black A-Max 308W when I picked up my AR-10. I'm over 2k on hand now (with the ability to "mag up" ~600 rounds).

IMHO, why have a SHTF capable tool, and not attempt to support it for a SHTF situation.

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OK. Watched Clint. My take? He is just a little bit full of "stuff", and maybe, a bigt too full of himself. Ammo? Store all you want at home, but anything more than you can carry is probably more than anyone not serving on a battlefield will ever need. If you cannot carry it, when you do need and use it, you will probably not be running back to get more. Most gunfights in the civilian sector are over in 3-10 rounds, and even involved as a victim in an active mass shooting where the shooter shoots hundreds of rounds, if you are armed and returning fire (which most mass shootings have yet to be resolved by a legally armed citizen), one or the other of you should be out of the fight within the expenditure of a full mag of "returned" fire. Sure carry a couple extra mags, especially if you are carrying a five or six shot weapon. Does Clint really buy 100 mags for every gun he ever packs? If he does, he is just bragging about how much free money he has for toys. 99% of our law enforcement officers get by on a gun and 3-4 magazines at any one time in their career. If Clint has ever used more than three mags in any non-military "contact" he has ever been in, I'm going to guess he wasn't aiming most of the time when he was defending himself. All that said, go ahead and BUY and keep all the high cap mags you CAN afford. Especially when someone says you can't or shouldn't. It's the American way: if they want to outlaw something, Americans will go out and stock up.
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Buying in bulk locally, I can get 65 Gen2 30rnd Magpul Pmags for a pre-tax price of $550. That's just under $8.50 (pre-tax) per magazine -- which is a bit of savings compared to the $8.99+S&H price 10-packs of them can be had for, online.

I've seen them as cheap as $7.92 online, but the S&H may end end up eating any savings … while also failing to support a local business. I'll have to dig into that.

What has me on the fence is that, unlike ammo, I don't really have a need for this -- since I already have enough mags for myself. i.e. It'll truly be useless unless prices rise. That's the nature of investment risk, I suppose.
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