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I'll never forget. I was working ground control at the El Paso Int'l Airport Traffic Control tower when the nationwide airspace shutdown order was issued.
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No one has forgotten.
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I was on patrol day shift. I along with four other deputies were moved to the emergency operations center in our city. Assigned there for 12 hours.
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I cam home from work early.

Saw things on the TV...damn, got something in my eyes, they were a-waterin'.

Then I got pissed off, started cleaning my guns. Have been pissed off ever since.

A guy I knew died in the North Tower.

RIP to all. may the glories and eternal light shine on the victims and their survivors.

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I was working from home that morning in Austin, TX when a co-worker in the UK sent me an instant message telling me to turn on the TV. I asked what channel and her response came back, "ANY CHANNEL".

Doing so, I found myself staring at a smoking North Tower … with news people noting that a smaller plane had struck one of them some years before. As the news kicked around the accident vs. attack thinking, I watched in horror (with my eyes mysteriously glued to the TV) as a jet slammed into the South Tower.

Talk of terrorism among the reporters stepped up a notch, but was still speculative … until the Pentagon strike happened, at which point the obvious became evident to all. I remember reports of US airspace being shut down shortly thereafter … and within 10-15 mins of that, the South Tower collapsed. Another half hour or so later, down came the North Tower.

I called into work and told them I wasn't doing any more work, that day -- too distracted by what I'd witnessed on live TV.
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I was at work across the river in NJ. I didn’t see them fall but saw them smoking. I remember thinking this it WW3. The usual commercial air traffic that was constantly over head changed to military jets. I remember thinking how do people in other counties live like this everyday of their life.

A tragic event that never should of happened. My heart goes out to those families that re-live every day. Not just once a year
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New York Fire Department forms a circle of honor around members of the United States Armed Forces.

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Was my second day of high school. It’s my generations Pearl Harbor. I’ll never forget it.

Also let’s not forget the four who lost their lives in Benghazi years to this date.
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