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Stroke - Migraine???

Son in law who is about 35, slim and in pretty good shape mowed his small yard yesterday morning. He has no known health issues. After a quick mowing and shower he and his wife and 19 month old started out to get something to eat for lunch. Along the way he began to feel really bad, began to slur his words and throw up. Wife took over driving and took him to the nearby emergency room. His head was killing him, throwing up continuously, still couldn't speak clearly, and was in a lot of pain. Quick blood work, check of vitals, etc. showed nothing. He was admitted and is still there although doing better and can speak clearly now.

Called my sister who has 40 years as a college graduate and nurse and she said.....migraine. Apparently a bad migraine headache has similar symptoms to a stroke as does a heat stroke. I was out in the heat for four hours and was worn out, weed eater, pulling weeds, backpack blower and mowing....and yepper, I was worn out...but, I'm used to it even though I'm old.

The best thing he did was head immediately to the hospital. MRI today...if the headache is gone....that dang thing will cause you to have another one. Anyway, at this point it appears he had the first severe migraine of his life. It's hot and humid guys take it easy out there. I tried shooting but the lead melts in the barrel and falls out the end of the muzzle before I can get a shot off. 1917
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Hope he fully and quickly recovers.

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It's 96F out there, the lawn will have to remain unmowed for a few more months.
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Heat stroke and heat exhaustion is nothing to take for granite, I've been to the emergency room twice with 107 degree fever and heat stroke dehydration, my brain was melting, literally, and ever since, my body has trouble cooling. So the heat of summer and myself are not very good friends. Hope he feels better soon.
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Sounds like heat stroke to me.

It has every symptom you describe.

Brain melting, eh?

By the your body got physically hot enough to liquefy, you'd have been dead for hours

I've had heat stroke. It can be a killer.
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MRI didn't show blood clots, no swollen arteries. He was able to speak clearly this morning. That is very good. They sent him home this afternoon and told him to get plenty fo rest. So, as far as I know and I don't know much he is going to be OK. Weak and tired.

It is my understanding a heat stroke is where your body basically overheats which can cause all manner of problems, even death. Usually the skin is very hot, body temp very hot and your skin is dehydrated and dry. Never take your good health for granted....even a small something like a cold can make you miserable. No conclusion yet on what the problem was...His yard is too small in my opinion to really get that hot. We are out in it all week long landscaping and I'm 70. Then again...I drink plenty of water. The two first symptoms I get if I become a bit dehydrated is that my shoulders begin to ache and I feel a bit dizzy is I stand up quickly from squatting. 1917
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Young guys think they can do anything until they suddenly become old guys. It goes like that.

Sure sounded to me like it could have been an aneurism as well, am glad he got checked quickly and is doing better. Migraine possible with heat and allergen triggers, heat stroke in my non-medical opinion would also be more likely but I only play doctor (with my wife, remember I'm an old guy), but had troops to watch out for in the past life too.
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Very sorry to hea about your son's health event but very glad to hear he is coming around and getting back on his feet,

Dehydration can definitely cause serious issues and some can be life threatening.....I know first hand. We must also be concerned about our electrolyte levels at the same time because it is possible to be hydrated and electrolyte deficient at the same time which can lead to additional negative conditions including pressure on the brain, seizures, vomiting and more. Keep the Gatorade close especially during these hot summer days.
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As someone that did a residency year in a pain clinic you he REALLY needs to see a board certified neurologist as soon as possible to make certain what's going on. Just because he returned to baseline functioning doesn't mean something more serious than a migraine isn't happening. Sorry but most hospitals now use only in-house MDs and the care, particularly on the weekend through the ER, can be........third-worldish.....unfortunately.
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Scary. Happy he is doing better. I found it was easier to lose weight if I skipped breakfast. After 4 or 5 days i began to have weird feelings ... I was having trouble distinguishing between what felt like reality and what felt like a dream. Talked to my doctor and she said eat breakfast and make sure I took in more protein. Yep ... that put me back to normal. At least as normal as I’ve ever been. I’m 72.
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