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Wearing a permit to carry “badge”

So, I am at the range. I see a guy wearing light tacticool. He has a badge exposed on his belt. Looks exactly like a cop badge and is sort of on top of his holster.

So I ask him....”Cop or Sherif?” He replies “neither”. So I then say “fire and rescue?” He says “no”. So then I ask “what’s the badge for?” Half thinking he would say “FBI” Or “Homeland Security” he proceeds to tell me this is a badge that states “permit to carry”.

There are many ways to spell “stupid”, and to me, this just seems to be one of those ways. I can’t think of too many things dumber than walking around with a meaningless badge obviously designed to send some sort of message and make people think you are a cop.

I also have some sort of concern that this might even pose legal issues too. A badge that looks like a real badge is nothing at all actually.

Perhaps I offended someone on this forum to wears one. Educate me?
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Speaking strictly for myself, I assume that everyone is carrying. No need to advertise it. And if one is carrying concealed, a badge or placard or some other stupidity is kinda....well, NOT the point, ya know..?

So, yeah. I'm with ya.

Or, in laymen's terms, he must be...a "small caliber", and I don't mean the gun that the sign is for.
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That person will be lucky if he manages to avoid being cited for impersonating an officer.

Now, there is actually a context where concealed carry permit badges can make some sense. Check out this piece of introduced (but not enacted) NC-specific legislation that would have allowed certain concealed carry holders in NC to be issued badges that allowed them to carry with the same exemptions LEOs have. (Also note the badge's purpose was to be as an identifier to LEOs upon request [say, for example, when carrying somewhere most CCW permits wouldn't allow one to carry in NC], as it was to be issued only to people who met the rigorous requirements.)

I was really hoping this legislation would pass, as I'd have pursued it despite what I imagine would have been fairly steep costs: https://www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2015/...PDF/S708v0.pdf
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Impersonating a LEO is illegal. Carrying a non LEO badge is not. Not something I would do.
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I think part of the issue is that a cop may consider it impersonation even if the person wouldn't be charged and prosecuted. Cops aren't 100% legal experts, and, like all people, they can make mistakes, especially in situations they haven't encountered before. So the guy's taking the risk of a big headache ...

From the perspective of a criminal who's thinking of taking out a group of people, the first target he should take out is the one who he thinks is the greatest threat... you know, the one with what looks like a cop badge.

So yes, a very stupid thing to do, but a good thing for everyone else around him (who may gain a few seconds notice of a nearby shooter).
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There's your sign!
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Back when I was younger, I used to wear a BIG belt buckle. Imprinted on the buckle was an arrow pointing down and the words "Home of the Whopper".

Wearing that belt buckle makes about as much sense as that 'concealed carry' badge.

I sold that belt buckle in a garage sell for 50 cents.

Come to think of it, I'll bet this is the same dude that bought my belt buckle.

So now, when Mr. Wanna be meets someone, they won't know whether to look at his 'Barney Fife' badge or his whoppingly large belt buckle.....either of which will just make em' laugh.
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Hey guys, look at this awesome belt buckle I bought !!!

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^^^^^Yep, that's the belt buckle. Need to see if Surrealone can get this guys address. I'll send you the money for postage to send that buckle to the Barney Fife impersonator.
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