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crzteacher .22
Favorite shoulder holster for a PPK?

I have a great Bianchi Scorpio leather shoulder holster system that's a horizontal. Excellent but I was looking for something a little bit more slim and vertical. Any suggestions? I don't need the extra magazine holder on the other side. Thanks for any advice.
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Mapornik .22
I carry mine in the pocket

Mine is carried in a Remora holster.
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matquig .22
Without a doubt, the Alessi Bodyguard. Not vertical, but a simple pull thru snap (snap secures the front of the trigger guard.) Fast, simple, accessible, comfortable, and secure. I used to have one for the PPK, but sold it with the gun. I now carry a Colt 1911 in one, and it is still comfortable, just not as much as the PPK.

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I'm motivated sure of you found anything yet. Kirkpatrick makes leather shoulder holsters and it resembles the holster from the last Bond movie Spectre.
Concealed carry shoulder holster for gun and accesories - Detective Carry K400
Since they are custom maybe they can make a vertical carry option.
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WADL99 .22
+1 Kirkpatrick. I have one, BUT.....if you get black make sure you treat the leather first...stained a white dress shirt something awful! But it did come out with some SHOUT
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waltherwright .22
i carry a ppks off duty in a remora iwb holster. the outside of the holster is a rubbery type material that keeps it from slipping. and you dont need a belt for it. just slip it inside the pants and the friction/pressure against your body will keep it from moving around
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ddiwd445 .22
I have been using the modern interpretation of the Galco Jack Ass, but have recently been reconsidering the horizontal shoulder holster concept.
On a vertical design, there are some "interesting" retention designs that don't seem to encourage a quick draw.
I have a couple of old clamshell style rigs with a spring for retention, and they actually work pretty well.
Check out the Andrews Springbreak.
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I thought shoulder holsters were outdated due to safety concerns about muzzle sweep? Do plain clothes police or FBI even use them anymore? I thought everyone went to a side holster. I’d think having the firearm on your side would enable you to get the gun out and on target quicker than the shoulder draw. 🏻I don’t carry so my mileage will vary substantially.😂
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