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Gene L .22
Clinger holster for PPK

Got it this morning. I believe it's the Stingray model, Kydex AIWB holster, lightweight, with a single belt clip, which is fine and works well.

As I got it, there was also a "kit" along with it, including spacing washers, screws. As it came, the installed spacing washers were the thickest and the PPK was loose. I tightened down the retention scews, but at the point where the pistol was secure, the screws protruded through to the point they would have rubbed against my body. Plus the bottom washer was ballooned out under pressure, which I thought shouldn't be.

At that moment, I finally realized what the kit was for. As it turns out, there are three thicknesses of spacer/washers: thick, (installed) thinner, and thinnest. Along with two length screws, just for this reason. I don't know why the holster was shipped with the overesized spacers, but it was quickly fixed.

So I changed to the medium washers and the short screws and it worked fine. The holster is flat, lightweight, and secure. I like it so far.
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Gene L .22
Hmmmm....follow up. While the Cliinger fits and secures my 68 ppk in .32, it will NOT secure my Interarms .380. I might could monkey with the spacers, and might do that. But for now, it's dedicated to my .32.
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olsoul .22
I hope you lined the inside of your kydex with mole skin or something similar. It would be a shame to mar a nice PPK with plastic wear marks.

I lined the inside of my Theis IWB Holster for my PPK with was a great move. It shows no wear from holstering. Granted I don't carry it that often still there are no holster marks.
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Gene L .22
Thanks, olsoul. I actually don't carry the blue pistol in Kydex, but I do carry the SS .380. It's fine, and so far, in my limited carrying, hasn't put any marks on the gun.

I have a leather holster for the PPK that is nice and soft.

I've got a number of better "carry" guns than the PPK. If I was worried about my safety, I'd carry a Sig 365 loaded weighs about the same as the .32 PPK loaded, and carries 5 more rounds of a more powerful round. I like the old PPK because it's finely made and because of its history.

My .32 shoots left, which may be me, but if not me, it needs some radical adjustment ... like, in extremis, maybe a slight weld additon to the front sight. The rear is already over to the right, and I painted the front sight with orange to hopefully make me aim more to the right. We'll see.
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